Is this a dick(ier) move?

Someone whom I work with is running for a public position but has clear private interests and a conflict of interest. He would say he doesn’t have a conflict of interest… but unfortunately, he does. The conflict (without being too dramatic) potentially has implications on a local community.

Dick move to out him?

Or keep my mouth shut?

Tell him he should disclose the COI before someone else does. If he doesn’t, then out him.

He won’t. Wants to have his cake and eat it too… here is the bigger problem, two other people in the same group are his buddies and share the same conflict of interest and are his support base, making me the minority… everyone else is keeping their mouth shut… no one wants to get involved. I have kept my mouth shut too (for 2 years)

Do whatever helps you sleep at night.

We don’t know the story, but your characterization is that he’s making the dick move. If you believe that’s true, then out him.

Yes, I suppose it is a difficult one to solicit opinions on when I can’t disclose the details.

So try this one: is it a dick move for me to create a “dick(ier) than you” thread which potentially hijacks the previous “dick” thread?

I’m waiting for the “Is this the dick(iest) move?” thread.

Guess I’d need to know how severe those “implications” are on the local community.

Working from home one day a week and spending half that day playing WoW is a little different from pillaging hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Why is it called a “dick” move anyway?

This situation is what anonymous leaks to the press are for. Information wants to be free. ; )

Exactly. Anonymously out him to the media. We have enough politicians with COIs as it is. Edit: or, just place a call to his competitor’s office and tell them.

It’s definitely not a dickier move than what he’s doing, running for office like that with his blinders on. Sounds like a true politician! Here’s a happy rationalization: maybe by outing him you’ll be saving him from worse public shame in the future.

Because they were popularized by Richard Nixon.

Great answer and I would have never guessed that.

Well, it was a dick move before Tricky Dick - as in you are being a dick (penis). But I must admit I like magnet’s explanation better.

Why am I getting a shenanigans vibe here? Hmmmm…

It sounds like everyone in this group is going along because they are all getting a slice of the pie if he’s successful. All except you from the sound of it. Is this why you care? If not, why do you care? Will his success impact you? Are you this community’s protector? So far, I don’t have enough details to really get a feel for the potential of dick moving here.

Can’t happen, we already have the dickiest thread.

Go find it yourself, slackers.

Out him. This is the kind of problem that plagues America today especially in politics. He will end up doing stuff for his own benefit at the cost of the community. Please, do the right thing.

Please don’t do that to Tim. He hates when that thread is linked.