Is this a game or not?

Here’s an RTS where you program your units with JavaScript | PC Gamer

You " issue orders" by programming using JavaScript, and thus hope your script was superior.

I am intrigued.

Reading a book is a game to me (there are even score counters everywhere!), so how could this not qualify if you’re doing to be both happy and frustrated.

I was hoping a game like this would be called “Brute Wars”.


I was sad it wasn’t a thread about walking simulators or diceless/no randomization TTRPGs like Belonging Without Belonging games…


It is a game…

…if you’re a masochist, I suppose. ;)

Feels like the Dominions battle system taken up a few notches!

Within our IT team we’ve played that for a while. It is a great way to learn JaveScript in a fun way. That is if you already know the code. For a newbie this is pretty hard to get a Creep to do some automated work.



Just gotta jump in an say, yep. Had this on the Amiga. Think I spent enough time with it to compile a tank “smart” enough to bang its head endless against a wall.

@BloodyBattleBrain Is this a thread title or not?

In the Screeps aricle was a pointer to Bitburner, that’s also using JS to play a hacking game… if only I had time (Elden Ring)

Hey, at least you got it to move properly. I’m not sure I ever did.