Is this a good system?

Is this a good system?

Keep in mind it is Canadian ($) dollars AND it is refurbished

Is that a good video card? I dont think so… perhaps I should buy the system and swap the video card.

What do you think?

The “video card” appears to be a mobo-integrated version of the Radeon X300. So, no, it’s not a good video card.

And swapping a card might be problematic, as the specs don’t list that the system has any PCI-Express slots, which is what all cards worth a damn are using today.

I would not buy refurbished computer equipment.

I think refurb computer equipment can be a great deal, but be very very careful to make sure there is some sort of warranty on the product. Especially parts that are susceptible to mechanical failure such as hard drives. Those are the ones that are at increased risk of having been treated poorly in a refurb system.

Used gum is a great deal too, but I wouldn’t chew used gum. I mean, quality control on new computers sucks. Buy new, it’s worth the money.

I think it’s a moot point, because used or new this system isn’t worth the money.

Interesting, have you been burned by specific failures or is this just a general principles thing?

Most of the spendy bits of a computer have no moving parts and if they make it through the first 10 hours of service will last for the next few thousand without issue. As long as there is a decent warranty involved in the deal I don’t see any dramatic risk in buying a refurb system that goes beyond a new system. Slightly more risk, yes, but that seems a fair deal for the nice price cut that goes with refurb equipment.

I think it depends on what you expect out of the system. As is it’s not quite good enough to run the most demanding games out there at anything higher than medium detail. Spend another $150-200 on a video card and it probably would be fine for a while. However, the upgrade path is very limited so you’d be pretty much starting from scratch next time around. To get by on for a year or two, it might be worth it depending on your circumstances.

If you are a serious gamer, though, I’d recommend building something yourself or saving for a more advanced system.