Is this funny?

Ha, that freakin’ rocks!!

It is funny not for what it is saying, but rather for what it is not saying. You see, by specifically leaving out the latino community, (also known as the “barrio” in street lingo) as well as the extensive “wigger” community, this “joke” has deprived other low income communities of their voices. Thus, the juxtaposition of the upper white class paradigm with only one of the lower income ethnic paradigms effectively creates the illusion of “humour”, which is only enhanced by the cruelty of excluding the other ethnic groups.

Ugh. I haven’t read enough post-modern deconstructionism to keep this up for more than a paragraph. Take it away, Koontz!

Sounds more like multi-culturalism to me.

It would be better without the “write letterz n shit” part, but it’s still hilarious.

That may have been funny ten years ago before Mothers and Grandfathers and Disney flicks turned their hats sideways and exclaimed, “Word”, to get cheap laughs from people who have no idea what rap music is, but today it can go straight to the Photoshop junk bin.

the “yo” modernizes it.

Ugh, three words.

YO! MTV Raps

Note date of first show.

Ah, but that’s the prepended form of the word ‘yo’.

Check XPav, yo.

Heck, that’s frigging hilarious. Thanks!

It’s anti-semitic… somehow somewhere…