Is this going to be the most lame duck President in history?

31 is low. But the democrats isn’t much better, being seen as a winner by default rather than truly embraced is sort of demoralizing. A program of populist liberal reform has to be job one. Immigration, lobbying, minimum wage, etc, should help.

On the other hand, doing this would require them to actually attend, which the current set feels is sooo passe.

Besides, no true gamer would go to a megaboringevent (the place where C-SPAN is filmed!) without his/her/it’s handheld.

Gamers would also actually read the bills before they sign them.

They don’t seem particularly demoralized to me.

Tom Chick For Pres 2008!!!

Wow, that would be… Weird, no?

They say a chick might win in 2008. Why not ours?!

Just like they read every EULA, right?

But EULA’s don’t really matter, right?