Is this normal for a drive?

My LG DVDRWRAMetcetc as soon as you place a disc in it keeps on turning the disc, till you eject it. It doesn’t matter if you have stopped playing the game like an hour ago, the disc keeps spinning.
Though I haven’t noticed any problems with running anything yet, I am just a bit worried that it might shorten the life of either the drive’s or even worse, of the discs. So, is it normal do work this way?

That is NOT normal for a CD drive. I’d replace it right away.

The model is LG GSA-4167B The drive will stop spinning only if I use the program drivespeed by nero and click the STOP button. It will not automaticaly stop. I also tried the program CDROMTOOL with no effect.
Is it possible that it is a windows problem that is not allowing the drive to spin down?

Try getting the latest firmware revision. If that doesn’t work, you should get a new drive. The noise alone would motivate me to do it.

So, I downloaded two different versions of it.
Didn’t install anything.
Rebooted the PC one time, next thing I know the problem has fixed itself…
The only thing I did do was to install the demo of Toca Race Driver 3, but I doubt it fixed it magicaly or something.
So, what caused it and what fixed it? I have no clue.

Perhaps some misbehaving utility or driver (Starforce?) was keeping the drive active, and you’ve removed or updated it somewhere along the way (the TOCA 3 demo includes Starforce, which makes it look suspicious. Well, moreso.).