Is this same place?

I had a problem for months. I am glad to see that here is still going. Old friends :)





I think I’m missing some history here…

Same place as what?


I mean same place as before. Not the same look, with green missing.


“We support your war of terror!”


Yes, the Qt3 boards used to be green a few years ago, if memory serves. Anyway they were based on different software and looked different.

No community ever stays the same, there are numerous changes afoot every single day. If you stay with the community the whole time, you might not notice these changes because they are small and you can digest them in little bits, but if you leave for a long time and come back, you’ll see all the changes at once, and between that and your rose-colored-glass views of the past, you’ll almost always think the changes were for the worse.

Thus is life.

Yes, yes you are.

We switched from the green boards to phpBB a few years ago, and then went to VBulletin after that. It’s still Quarter to Three.

Welcome back.

What software was Qt3 using before vBulletin? PHPBB? UBB?

EDIT: Oh, uh, nevermind. I clicked on that big old “green boards” link above and answered my own stupid question.

thank you for welcome back. i had problem with eye after all day demo scene. I lost the part that shows blue. I think that is how to say it. I welcome back to you too but I do not know who you are.


You can’t see blue anymore!?!



your brain age score will suck…
blue. blue. BLUE. BUURUUUU.

I saw the “you can’t see blue?” question and “uh oh” was the first thing that popped into my mind. Wasn’t expecting to laugh quite so hard though.

Drat, I didn’t edit my post before someone caught me!

On another note…

Dear Bill: hahaahahahahahaha!

You’re nuts, Bill.