...is this Tech Support?

Ok, I was downloading the Tron demo, the new one, from Gamespot, using their Kontiki download manager thing. It’s huge, so I’m looking around online and discover some info about Kontiki I don’t really dig, so I cancel the download, and remove the Kontiki software. Ad-aware takes care of the rest.

Now, certain sites such as www.ebay.com or www.bestbuy.com (I’m in the market for a new TV) are coming up unavailable with these sorts of links listed, like I was redirected:


Best Buy:


Anyone have any insight into what’s going on here and how to fix it? I’ve Ad-aware-d my machine, but I have a feeling this should be easy to fix. I’ve also deleted cookies and temp internet files.

Any help would be much appreciated. Right now, I’m cursing Gamespot…

If you are running Windows 2000 or XP you may want to run a search (Start --> Search) for the word “hosts” (no quotes) on your C: drive. You should find two files hosts and lmhosts.

Double click each file in turn and select Notepad to open them. If there are any URLs not commented out by an # delete them and save the file. This may work for you hopefully.

You may also want to, in Internet Explorer click on Tools and Internet Options, click on the Connections Tab, then Lan Settings, and make sure that all check marks are taken out of the boxes, and that there are not proxy settings. It is unlikely but you might just want to check.

If neither of the above works, I would try another “spyware removal engine”. “Spybot Search and Destroy” http://spybot.safer-networking.de is an excellent product and will often find stuff that Adware does not. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the suggestions. I located the HOSTS file, and did what you said. Essentially removed everything but the localhosts entry. Had no lmhosts file, so I tried the sites again and got the same things. Buy.com seems to work infrequently, however, which is strange. Sometimes I get through, othertimes no.

I failed to mention that I also Spybot-ed the computer after using Ad-aware.

Any other tips? Anyone?

Do appreciate the help, though.

I did a search on the Internet for problems with Kontiki, and I am supries that Adaware and Spybot have not fixed the problem. This may be a longshot but you may want the install it again, and then use this link for instructions on installing it:


Maybe if you ran Adaware without installing it first, there is still some resident spyware script related to the application.

Is a complete system dump out of the question?