Is this the coolest toy ever?

And it’s from Walmart!

Yeah, it’s all fun and games until one of those crashes somewhere in China.

Actually, it’s probably made in China. How do you think they got the design?

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Wow that is pretty cool!

I was skeptical until the “rechargable batteries allow you to fly forever” part.

I wonder if you could mod the camera pod to have a wireless video camera instead.

I want one! But I know that I will probably crash it on its maiden flight. And knowing my luck, it will be a crash where a car swerves off the road to avoid it, and mows down an innocent pedestrian.

Oh, this reminds me of a little story. When my SO was a kid, his dad used to take him and his brother to model plane shows - people doing aerobatics with remote-control toy planes. One year at the show, one of the planes went out of control, and dived into the crowd, hitting his dad on the leg. It made a fair gash in his shin, that looked like it would need stitches, so the volunteer medics decided to take him to the local hospital’s emergency room.

They arrive at the ER, and are somewhat surprised to see the entire ER staff are waiting for him with masks, gowns and gloves, plus a stretcher and all the equipment you can imagine. They all looked pretty surprised too, and it turns out that the medic guy had called ahead to the hospital with the message: “we’re bringing in a man who’s been hit by a plane!!!”

When I was an undergrad at Duke, I was out on the intramural field for a frat football game. The neighboring field was empty, except for a guy flying a gas powered model plane and his girlfriend. He was showing off for her, making the plane do all sorts of loops, rolls, near misses of the ground, etc. At one point, after he pulled off an especially tricky maneuver, he turned to her and kind of strutted, as if to say “how cool am I?” That was when his plane smashed into a light tower. It vanished in a small but exceptionally loud fireball.

We all totally lost it.

That’s pretty neat, but what I really want is something with a digitial video camera hooked up to a wireless card, ideally on a RC helicopter.

Add a couple of hardpoints, allow it interface with my rigger cyberware, and I’d be all set.

Hardpoints? Why don’t you add mini-missiles and M-80’s too?

That stuff is already on his Combat Drone. We’re talking about his standard Rigger Recon Drone, here.

[size=2]*Requires purchase of remote controlled KC-10 in-flight battery-swapping aircraft[/size]

Dude, how awesome would that be? :D

[size=2]*Requires purchase of remote controlled KC-10 in-flight battery-swapping aircraft[/size][/quote]


Awesome story. I can just hear the Erkel voice now, Did I do that?

It sounds like someone got caught up in the heat of the moment. I am the same way when my adrenalin gets pumping.

Nice one Rywill! I envision a sort of ammo magazine of batteries. Chew through them, then rendevouz for a mid air clip replacement.

Hardpoints? Why don’t you add mini-missiles and M-80’s too?[/quote]
This way I can swap in what ever I need… Besides, as Balut says, I’m shopping for a disposable recon drone, and sometimes I want no armament so it can be as cheap as possible. :P

Bullshit aside, it wouldn’t cost more than a couple thousand dollars for a cheap laptop + Web Cam + Wirless Card + RC vehicle. I’m surprised we don’t see the police and/or military making widespread use of such (relatively) disposable drones.

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There were some articles a few months ago about the Army in Iraq using RC vehicles bought from Radio Shack to aid them in defusing IEDs.

What magazine ran those articles? Crazy?