Is this very sentence lame?

I doubt everything I once thought I knew!

“The doctor was right! You are so lame!”
“I’m not lame”
“Yes! Yes you are!”
“Please mom! Please don’t do that! Don’t be mean to me!”
“I’m not being mean to you! You’re just too lame to see it!”
“You don’t know what I can do and what I’m gonna do and you don’t know! You don’t know what I’m gonna be! You don’t know how good I I’ve good things and you don’t know and I’m going to be somebody and don’t tell me I’m not!”

You’re so lame. You probably think this post is about you. You’re so lame.

God DAMN I hate that song. I used to work in a place where they had it on the muzak.

I’d have paid whatever that bloke did to find out who it was about to have the masters destroyed and a contract drawn up by Carly Simon prohibiting her, the record label, radio stations and other purveyors/broadcasters of music from ever being able to play it again… ever.

Ha, this post was my first Thanksgiving chuckle. Thanks!