Is this video racist?

Help me out here.

Spoof trailer of the movie ‘Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus’ replicated with chicken and watermelon - two food items I enjoy eating.

No. 12

This never needs to be seen by anyone ever. I think the bigger crime here is it just being a total unfunny waste of bandwidth.

Let’s just make this the Worst Youtube Videos thread.

Wow, watching that is like when you know someone who is the 3rd worst ever at telling jokes and you have to sit there and listen to him tell one AND it takes him about ten times as long to tell the joke(an old dumb one no less) as needed. And all the while you have to listen to the worst and 2nd worst joke tellers, who are also there, laugh like it’s the funniest joke ever.

Exactly what is YouTube partnership and how could such a lame video achieve such heights?

Jason, it’s racist against chicken. What you got against the peeps?

It means he gets a tiny piece of the ad revenue whenever someone views his video.

Yeah it’s biased for watermelons.

How do you think FPSRussia affords all his guns?