Is this what happens when you play to much NWN?

My god these geeks need help:


*ps… the video is pretty short.

Strangely that’s how I imagined the Qt3 get-together at E3 would have been like.

lol… :D






that is worse than the fat kid playing with his lightsabre



Lightning Bolt!
Lightning Bolt!
Lightning Bolt!
Lightning Bolt!

roflmao :lol:

Whenever I see something like this, I think “there but for the grace of God…”


Too funny. My God, why do people videotape themselves doing things like this?

I’ve seen live role playing (which is what this looks like) at various game conventions. It always looks like great fun when you’re watching it in person. LARP doesn’t always look this silly. I certainly second the comment about videotaping. :wink:

But really, is it any sillier than this:

That is how it was. You should’ve seen Mark’s Lightning Bolt!

No. :)

I understand your soft spot for what live action RPGing could be, but it can never equal what’s in your head and will always look like that. Just in varying degrees of hilarity.

I am with the girl/guy in the foreground. ecstatic clappingBRAVO!

That is how it was. You should’ve seen Mark’s Lightning Bolt![/quote]

And Tom is, in the end, validated for making up a lame excuse and bowing out early.

They actually mocked that on The Daily Show a couple of months ago – it appears that it may have even been the same event shown. It was pretty funny.

It’s interesting that you guys think it’s okay to play fairy elves or space rangers on a PC, but dress up and do it in real life, man, and you are a total DORK.

Oh, not that I don’t agree completely with you. These people should all put down the fake swords and coalesce into a giant, writhing pile of virginity loss. But still, interesting double standard.

Why is it that, as adults, we can’t “play” anymore?

Oh, wait, the video. THAT’s why.

There’s always someone lower than you on the geek hierarchy. That’s how it works.

There’s a summer camp for live D&D somewhere where they do this. Tom has a friend who worked there as an NPC. That’s the ultimate loser job, isn’t it – to grow up to be a non-player character?

If we had sigs, this would be mine. Or Cleve’s Ultimate Fighting quote, but for different reasons.

You know, when I play Panzer General I don’t pretend I’m Hitler.

Huh. I’m not sure whether that Nazi reference should close the thread, since it’s game-related. Denny’s point is an interesting one, though…I tried to answer, and have to admit that all the distinctions are ones of degree rather than kind. Playing Morrowind or EQ is cool and fun, but wearing a Halloween mask while someone pelts me with a beanbag and yells “Sleep!” is not.

Can anyone actually answer Denny’s question? I’m genuinely curious. I assume there’s some difference between the two, because I have a strong feeling that there is. But I can’t put my finger on it.

Well, for some reason, “play” is generally not an accepted activity among adults, unless it’s on the sporting field.

There are plenty of adults who think even computer and video games should only be played by kids.

That’s the real reason I had a kid. Now I can play in public again.

I don’t understand… If they’re all just acting it out, how are the random numbers generated? How do you know how many hit points you have left? How do you know if you got a critical hit?

When I play NWN, I don’t pretend I’m “Griswold Hammerknob” or whatever; I’m just watching a cool-lookin’ character toss out some eye-popping animation and alpha-channel effects while I predict his/her performance based on the stats I tweak. Hence, I often play female characters because they’re quite a bit easier on the eyes than some dwarf. No disrespect to the midgets, mind you.

Games are entertaining abstractions. Immersion is for the weak.