Is Union Carbide still around?

Just curious. Haven’t run acorss a post from him in a long time.

He posted here like 30 mins ago, jp.

Go look up his posts. You can use Search > Advanced Search to look for posts by user name.

I think UC might like the fact that you’re e-stalking him.


As I post this, jpinard is reading the thread about The Ship. I can tell.

I committed fratricide and killed him.

No really.

Oh - hehe. I skip almost every thread UC posts in lately I guess :p

Does jpinard still post here?

Does Raife still post here?

Does RepoMan still post here?

Fuck, I hope not. That poseur.

Wumpus still posts here.


So, does SirBruce still post here, or was he banned?

Stop teasing.

I always get Union C. confused with Unicorn M.

I swear one of these fuckers is Warren Beatty.

I thought they all were.

I always get Union C. mixed up with Hiro Protagonist. Oh…wait…

Those posts are coming from inside the thread!