Is X-Box the best platform

for golf games? I’d like to buy a console for my bro-in-law, and he’s way into golf. I’m assuming it offers enough other styles of games as well.

Links for Xbox is a great golf game. He’d be really happy with it, I’m sure.

Wow, that’s a harder question to answer than it might first seem, there’s good exclusives for each console. For Xbox, you’ve got Links 2004, but the Gamecube has Mario Golf and Swingerz Golf, and then you’ve got the PS2 which has the Hot Shots series. Tiger Woods and Outlaw Golf (which, unless they’ve made huge improvements with OG2, is completely worthless) are both cross platform (except that OG2 isn’t available for the GameCube).

If he’s into real golf, the Xbox is probably the best bet with Links and TW. But if he might be into the less realistic style found in Mario or Hot Shots, I’d avoid the Xbox because Outlaw is the only one in that niche on it. And Outlaw sucks donkey’s balls.

From a gift-giver’s perspective, you might want to consider the Xbox because it’s a self-contained package: no memory cards to buy, plug it in and you’re ready to go. Both PS2 & Gamecube use memory cards, which have to be bought ($20-$35) and then kept track of. Given the household situation, that could be a real plus. I’ve had memory cards abducted by curious toddlers, but then that big eject button on the Xbox is attractive too…

Xbox also has an advatange with custom soundtracks, if you take the time, it’s great to hear your own favorites instead of the crap music which accompanies many games. Don’t know if the Xbox golf game(s) support custom soundtracks, but it can be easily looked up.

They did make some improvements to OG2, making it worth a rental at least, but it’s still no Links.

It’s still geared towards fifteen year olds, too.

So, Links 2004 and Tiger 2004 would be pretty entertaining, then, yes? Aside from Halo2?

If your friend is into GOOD golf games instead of more “party-style” golf-games, Xbox is the way to go. Links and Tiger are 2 of the best golf games money can buy.

I’m a big fan of Links 2004, and not as much a fan on TW series, but I’d still say both are pretty entertaining for a golf fan. Links plays a little easier, but isn’t as arcady as TW (no post-shot adjustments in Links). But with the big guy’s name and EA Sports logo on it, there’s a lot of built-in credibility with the TW series. For someone just getting a first console and golf game, I’d probably lean towards TW, if only for the name factor. Your friend has heard of TW and probably EA Sports, even with Sergio on the cover, Links might not have that immediate “oh cool” factor.