Isle of Arrows - Impressions?

So I see this has released on Steam:

Looks interesting to me - a mix of tower defense and board game elements. It appears that you draw some tiles that you used to set up your defense before the wave attacks. I believe this portion is turn based. Then the wave attacks and its a tower defense (not sure if you can build defense in real time while the wave is attacking).

The reason I am posting is after reading the steam page, the game looks interesting but I have a lot of questions. Is the between-waves part of the game turn based or is there a timer? Can you take any actions while the waves are attacking? I see a lot of praise on steam but also a lot of complaints about the RNG.

So, do you folks have impressions of this? What’s the word?

I’m afraid not, but it caught my eye too!

Paging @LordGek!

I have been summoned!

It’s a fun hybrid of Carcassonne and a TD game. While it might seem a little reminiscent of “Rogue Tower”, you have more freedom laying out your tiles with the only rules being every piece must border a previously placed piece and you can’t intentionally cut off the monster path.

I caught this on a couple of end of the year lists/podcasts, and checked it out this morning on iOS. It’s doing a lot of what other path-building tower defense games do, but with a randomized conveyor belt of paths/towers/other pieces and some other very smart mechanics layered on top.

I’m really loving it on my phone so far.

First of all, a game on the phone that plays in portrait mode? Yes please!

Secondly, the random element of it makes it so exciting and unpredictable. Sometimes I’m doing really well, other times I have a string of bad luck, and suddenly I’m struggling against the next three waves all of a sudden.

I’ve only played it for two days, but it’s been a while since I got hooked on a tower defense game, so it feels really good to be playing one again.

Oh I didn’t realise this was available on my phone! Thanks for the tip!

Picked this up earlier and it’s a lovely little strategy game. Only completed the training grounds but looking forward to more tile/defence goodness in the main campaign. I’m loving the clean presentation and it controls really well. The synergies and light city/town building reminds me a little of Islanders.

I picked this up on Steam due to @Rock8man 's recommendation in the tower defense thread. i haven’t tried it yet but hope to soon.

I haven’t picked up a good phone game in at least a year, so I am going to take the risk and throw $6 at this because of the positive comments here. Thanks for linking it in the other thread @Nightgaunt.

Nice on phone, bad on iPad. Not that it matters too much, but I do like games to support landscape on the iPad.

Sank a couple of hours into this today. Delightful game. It’s been awhile since I have played a tower defense game, and this one throws in enough new ideas that makes it something new and fun.

I don’t think I would want this on Steam other than for the Steam Deck (assuming it works), its really the perfect phone/iPad game.

Yeah exactly. I hesitated on PC but the moment I realised it was available on my phone I pulled the trigger.

I was the opposite. I barely ever play a game on my phone so I was happy it was on Steam :-)

Same here! Just bought it on Steam. I would maybe play games on my phone if the battery was in decent shape, but…it ain’t.

Thanks for making this thread. I wouldn’t have tried this wonderful game without it!

I’ve made some decent progress playing the campaigns. finished the Training Ground, Archer’s oath with the first three factions, The Arboretum with the first faction, and Burning Embers with the second faction. I’ve been trying to beat the first campaign with the Merchants - but they are uncooperative bastards. I have gotten better with them and made it into the 30s rounds a bunch of times but I can’t seal the deal.

I played a bit of the Gauntlet too.

I have a good time with it, but it can be a little too dependent on luck. Sometimes I just can’t get the cards I want.

I can’t win anything with the Merchants. I get maybe 20 rounds with them, no matter what the map. I always feel like I get extremely unlucky on my tile choices, but I have made enough failed attempts now that it must not be luck.

I finally beat the first campaign with the merchants. I kept getting closer and closer. Failed at around 38 rounds, and then finally won. There was definitely a change in my way of playing them that helped me get better. In the beginning I wasn’t really trying to make use of the sacks as much as I should. Then I started plopping down tiles just to claim the sacks - even if I really didn’t want a tile there (unless it would screw me up). That gave me for money, so in the final rounds I was able to skip a lot of tiles and get weapons that I needed. At the end, claiming those sacks financed me skipping a lot of tiles.

The last faction, The Pathfinders, were sooo much easier - and really fun to play.

I finished the tutorial campaign the first day, and today I finished the next campaign’s first thing. All 40 Waves! Woohoo!

It’s fun to play a massive game like this in bite sized chunks on the phone when time permits, over a period of 3 weeks, since the moment to moment gameplay is less about the bigger picture than it is about… “where do I fit this tile”, and that decision gets more and more complex the deeper you get, when you start getting multiple spawn points and paths.