Isn't it a shame?

Isn’t it a shame when a webmaster feels the need to control everything, even when they are not part of his little “community?” I was active over at GWJ, but the leader-dude feels this maniacle need to control even the activities off the site. He must be the GWJ WoW guild leader, must control the ESPN leagues even when he is not the commissioner, etc. His censorship in his threads is petty (he locks threads that are genuine discussions, exchanges of ideas!) because he doesn’t like the subject matter. No longer a place for me…

If I could I’d lock this thread…

Isn’t it a shame when a good forum is flooded with people who don’t know what made it good?

Oh my, a “simpilot” with petty but vehement grievances? How is this possible?

Did you know your pal Simcopter was gay?

[size=1]I hope somebody gets that.[/size]

I remember there was a gay send off with men kissing somewhere in that game.