Isolating 2 Windows Install on Same PC


In my very gradual move away from OSX (because I felt that Apple have seriously lost their way), I have set up 2 SSD’s with Windows in them. One for work and one for play.

When I boot up my Game Windows OS, I can see the other Windows partitions (Recovery, Local Disk). The OS only allow me to un-map the Primary Work Windows OS partition.

Basically I would like to isolate fully the 2 partitions from each other. Is there a way to do this so that cross virus infection is not possible?

You can probably set a list of boot options in the BIOS, at least if it supports UEFI.

The simpler workflow is to do anything risky in a VM. The Windows Sandbox works quite well for that.

I use Virtualbox -
Games/entertainment are on the host (the base system), work stuff is in guests (virtual machines).

I moved to this workflow… oooh like 10 years ago and it’s saved my ass a few times. It makes separation and backup really simple because each VM is just a single file. In the event of hard drive or system failure I just restore from a backup and am up and running again within a few minutes.

You need a decent amount of RAM (and if possible a few CPU cores) to achieve this successfully though. I run with 32 GB.

I run a base arch linux install and use vfio passthrough for my windows guests, which I do game on. My nvidia 2080 is passed through to one of them 100% of the time.

Works great, been doing it for almost a year now I think. However setting it all up was pretty monumental undertaking, to put it lightly.

Thanks! I was stuck in the mindset that the VM has to be the game OS, but it’s actually true that it may be easier to to have the Work in a VM and have the game machine as the host!

The Linux/VirtualBox option will probably have to wait. My most recent test with VirtualBox gave me lots of issue with cut and paste of data and file transfer.

There’s also Hyper-V already integrated into Windows.