hahaha, take a look at the latest update.

Damn I was wondering what happened to that site.

edit:Seems to still be around and relatively active

Could you be a little more assistive in pointing out what you wanted us to notice? I’d assume it’s the 1.5 terrabyte DVD burners?

It’s fake the DNS was hijacked.

Because I am too lazy to read the case- so he was busted for mod chips - not for the actual site, correct?


He could be talking about the Praetorians release?

I dont think its fake, it looks the like dude really did get busted and the DoJ did take the domain, they just didnt get the site.


The DoJ did take the domain. Read the yahoo bulletin and you’ll see why some people were still getting the old site. I am getting the DoJ site.

Next up, - can’t wait to hear about that one

Definitely not fake. If you scan the forums, someone actually called the DoJ and got the press release directly from them. It does look like the site may survive it though due to the DoJ only taking control of the domain. Apparently it’s hosted on a number of servers in different parts of the country.

Could be that the other servers will go too. Someone else posted that #isonews was locked on IRC as well.

I never went to the place and hardly knew about it, but I’m at work and bored so I dug around on their forums.


I’d have serious issues if GCW went down. I’m playing anywhere from 2-3 games on my own time and up to a half dozen for work, switching CDs sucks serious ass. Sure, they circumvent copy protection. Copy protection also denies me my right to make archival copies.

My, my. And it’s only Wednesday.

I heard that Adam at Sierra was aiding the DOJ in a roundup of game reviewers who sell their review copies on eBay. If you hear the sound of a helicopter or hum-vee outside, hide under the bed.

Yep, I continue to be astounded at GameCopyWorld’s ongoing existence. But I pray it never goes away.

If I hypothetically had, say, 21 games installed on my system, approximately 17 of those would be using NoCD patches from GameCopyWorld. And they would ALL be legitimate, legal, boxed copies of games.

Of course, I say “hypothetically.” Because the DMCA would forbid me talking about eliminating CD checks even from legally purchased games.

Thats one I’m very ambiguous on, there are games that I can’t get to run without the copy scheme removed. On my rig Morrowind was a stutter fest with safedisc. Are there numbers that show how efficacious it is?

GCW has mirrors all over the planet… be awful hard to take that down.

In case anyone was still wondering if this was a hoax or not.

And I hope CGW follows… Then we can actually hold them accountable for retarded CD-Checks. Epic was actually suggesting the used of cracks just to run UT2k3… WTF kind of idiocy is that?

I guess it’s not a fake. I just had a hard time believing that A0 the gov’t would bother posting a notice and b) that it would look like a page from Netscape a la 1997.

Right, but doesn’t a site like it need one main website holding the DNS entry for “” to direct traffic to those mirrors?

What’s interesting is that you can still very easily access the site since it’s mirrored all over the place, and the forums are still pretty active. I’ve checked it about a dozen times so far today and have only got the DOJ site two or three times.

Anyway, I’m sure the guy will get something like two years probation and less than $20,000 in fines. People have been trying to shut down ISO news for years and have never been able to, now the release lists will go to subscription sites like Binnews. The government is happy, the publishers and developers are happy, and the warez groups are happy. Looks like a win for everyone.

It’s funny though. I own an Enigmah chip that I bought from ISO news some time ago. I was going to sell it since I went with the Matrix chip instead but doubt I should do that, hehe.

so he was busted for mod chips - not for the actual site, correct?

Correct. Apparently mirroring .nfos is legal.