Israeli virus?

Has anyone else been getting fake “Returned email” from Israeli (*.il) addresses with attached dat files lately? The past two days I’ve gotten a good two dozen emails like this, with attached dat files that I of course don’t open. I’ve never had a virus come with a returned mail header before.

Someone who has you in their address book has the Sobig virus. Said person also has lots of outdated Israeli email addresses in his email box, and he’s emailed the virus to those people with your address as the return address.

My [email protected] address has been getting “mail undeliverable” bounces to various AOL addresses for a week now. All from someone who once wrote a letter to that account, and who’s now infected with the virus.

Thanks, Denny. I was thinking it was SoBig, but I didn’t notice anything about it being sent this way. Never thought of getting the virus in a roundabout way like this. Duh. The one thing I do wonder about is the number of Israeli email addresses, all alphabetical, like a spam directory. This seems processed, somehow.

I’ve been getting the same thing for days. I thought I must have somehow gotten infected (which, with my security settings and refusal to open any attachments, would have been a neat trick) and went nuts for a couple hours as various sobig scanners found nothing, until I heard about this lovely new phase of the virus. Fucking lovely. Getting spammed with infection emails wasn’t enough, now I get spammed with the unsucessful infection emails of idiots who were dumb enough to get infected. Sigh.

When I become King of the World, this will be the penalty for virus writers:

  1. Put them in jail with large guys who haven’t had cellmates in a LONG time. Dress them in pink, frilly things before doing so.

  2. On a more serious note, they need to calculate the cost of these virus infections in lost data and lost productivity eliminating them. Upon release from jail, the virus writers will be be fined that amount and only allowed to keep enough money for basic living. (Basically, a sentence to a life of destitution, since they’ll have no incentive to make more than minimum wage.)

  3. Everyone who’s been infected with the virus will be given the opportunity to either slap, gut-punch, or testicle-knee the offender.

Sound fair?

Spammers do this as well. If you have a domain with a catch all header email address (no that isn’t the technical term) they like to put it in the reply to line. So I’ve been getting spam bouncing back to me sent from:

[email protected]
[email protected]

Finally I shut it down so only one works. Chet told me that they hadn’t hacked me, they’d just found out about the domain and were using it to disquise themselves. The upshot for me is now I’m finding if I send anything using my address it is getting caught by spam filters.

I hate people.

“First, I kick you, squah in the nuts…”

I’ve gotten that too. messages from “[email protected]” telling me there are changes to my email account. Considering I’ve just got the one email address and manage the domain myself I was pretty sure it was a virus. Been getting lots and lots of So Big Fs the last few days. One said it was from someone at weedmeat@something or other. Did you get infected weedmeat?

I’ve been getting tons of stuff from American Express, AOL, Neat Screen Saver, etc. They all have a variation of some .pif file. Since I use Netscape and have my settings to truncate anything over 1k, I’m pretty safe, but Jeez, having to delete 97 of these fuckers every day is a pain.