iSuck with iPhone

I got a new iPhone for my birthday. Actually I’ve had it for a few weeks. :) Anyways, great toy so far but one app I bought for it that doesn’t work at all. Its called RJDJ and it starts up, a grey bar flashes and it goes back to the main iPhone interface. I wanted to try to removing it and reload it but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this. Any suggestions on fix it?

I’m not familiar with the app, but there should be a couple ways to remove it. If you press and hold any icon for about 5 seconds, they should all start shaking/shimmering. This mode allows you to drag icons around to rearrange their order. It will also allow you to delete app store apps from the phone. Any 3rd party apps should have an X on the corner, and if you press it, you can delete the app from the phone.

You should also be able to remove it by connecting the phone to iTunes, and then unchecking the specific app from the iPhone applications tab. When you sync again, the app will be removed.

Also Rob, in general if you don’t see any updates for the app on the store, try resetting your iPhone just to make sure that’s not the issue. hold the screen on/off button (top right) and the home button (bottom) for 5-10 seconds until you get the message to turn off. Slide the off button, wait a sec or two until the screen finally goes dark, then hold the screen on/off button until the iPhone starts to boot.

Many of my applications issues have been cleared up by doing that.