It begins

…I’ve finally started something I meant to get rolling long, long ago. Today, my first review was posted at GameFAQs, which I think is the best place to go to for a lot of obscure information about games you can’t find anywhere else. Sure GameFAQs reviews are often on IGN’s level, they’re so bad, but there are quite a reviewers there who have head on straight there and I don’t really care if I’m in bad company, because my reviews will be better! ;)

Well, at least I think so, since I don’t have my own website and I don’t exactly think Tom would want to use QT3 as obscure Japanese game review site, that’s what I’m going to use GameFAQs. My taste is wide and long and I’ve played tons upon tons of games that have never appeared in English. So I want to organize all that experience and information into reviews so that a great deal of that white space of what’s over here is cleared up. Especially when it comes to RPGs. I won’t stop until I have hundreds of reviews over there and JinTypeNoir is the go-to username for some info on an import title.

So here it is, under the JinTypeNoir nickname:

Decided to start on an easy-to-pick-on game, because reviews of bad games are fun!

Since this my first I’ve ever written though (and they require numerical scores over there) I’m wondering if there’s anything I should catch and be aware of for my next reviews. (Thanks for any constructive criticism! Non-constructive criticism will be met with the shaving of balls with a rusty knife and the eating of them with butter. Yours of course. If you’re a woman, I’ll just take your breasts.) One thing is that here I don’t really care if my reviews are long as I’m wanting to go in depth to each game and really talk about it so there’s an encyclopedia of information available eventually.

Speaking of my next reviews, this is the order I’m planning to go in for the next few:

Arabian Nights (SFC)
Weltorv Estleia (PSX)
Tales of Destiny II (PS2)
Holy Umbrella: Dondera’s Wild! (SFC)
Tomato Adventure (GBA)
Detective Jinguji Saburo: Kind of Blue (PS2)
Gyakuten Saiban 2 (GBA)
Gyakuten Saiban 3 (GBA)
Macross VFX (SFC)
Ladystalker (SFC)
The Earth Defense Force (PS2)
Atelier Marie (PSX)
Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest (GBA)

Any requests for games you always wanted to know about?


ET! For the Atari :)

That was a good review but something about that first paragraph is throwing me off and I cant pin it down.

Over all I would give it an 8/10 :)

Tomato Adventure made me want to learn Japanese. Looks just odd enough to be interesting.

There is no way there was a game called Holy Umbrella: Dondera’s Wild!

I’m sorry. You’re just shitting me and that’s cruel.

I saw some game on a list of the top 10 worst PS2 RPGs as voted by Japanese gamers called something like “Please Look At My Dragon.” I’d love to know what the hell that’s about.

Also, look here: