IT: Chapter Two - Pennywise versus old people

Solid trailer! I’m in.

Old Murph seems to always play the older version of a child.

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Wow, that looks really good!
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Did people who didn’t read the book enjoy IT? I thought it was really bad but could see it really being a page turner of a book.

Wow, I hadn’t paid attention to any of the casting new and had no idea that part two would feature Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy or Bill Hader. I’m definitely looking forward to this.

I read the book many decades ago, but I didn’t care for it much. I liked the first movie quite a lot, though, mostly because those kids are good actors.

I expect to like the sequel for the same reason, as that’s a pretty great cast!

Same. Overall, I did enjoy the book, but found it very uneven. That is, I liked it quite a bit until the last 10-20%, then it just got stupid. Like, really stupid.

I loved the book when it came out, liked the first attempt at it, loved the latest film, this looks great

Loved the first part, can’t wait to see this. :)

Same here I remember enjoying it a lot as a kid until that ending… Lucky for Steven King he was too drug addled to remember lol.

I just saw this. It’s okay. A couple of decent scares. A well done creepy scene that mirrors Georgie’s death, but with a little girl. A couple of neat changes from the book. A couple that are just puzzling.

The biggest complaint I’d have is that it’s about 30 minutes too long. There’s definitely some fat to trim, and it has that Return of the King multiple endings issue.

Bill Hader steals just about every scene he’s in.

The movie just feels really long, and I wasn’t a huge fan of a lot of the horror elements, and I actually hated the ripoff/homage to The Thing–though, the end sequence though I did really like. The movie is far funnier than it should have been or even deserves to be. The first death sequence is overlong, though I guess that’s in the book. It’s funky they digitally de-aged the kids apparently for the additional stuff they shot for the film.

Bill Hader is absolutely amazing; nice to see James Ransome again, who looks kinda filled out if you know what I mean (compared with his appearance in Generation Kill and The Wire). The rest of the actors are pretty good too to be he honest, though there isn’t a lot of building (except for Bill Hader).

— Alan

Also, regarding Bill’s bike:

Why was it even there? Once you remove the Audra motivation, there’s no need for Silver. In fact, it was confusing because I thought at first that it was supposed to be Bill’s “artifact” but that turned out to be the paper boat. (Hey, thanks for helping Bill with the Ritual, Pennywise!) I guess they really wanted that goofball Stephen King appearance.

The film is visually stunning…

IT: Chapter Two boasts the same stunning visuals…

What is wrong with you Ars?

Oh! The other scene I hated! When adult Eddie was fighting the leper…

The leper vomits in his face, and the movie plays a snippet of Angel of the Morning. What? It was so quick and had nothing to do with the rest of the soundtrack, it felt like someone realized after it was filmed that this should be a funny scene instead of a scary/gross bit.

Did not enjoy as much as the first film. The tonality of Chapter 2 was all over the place – while the first film was some pretty grim stuff, there were a lot of chuckles in the audience at the material in presented in Chapter 2, which lessened the impact of the grim/scary stuff. There was also a lot of (and I hate to say it) late-season Game of Thrones “we have to touch this plot point” shenanigans. For example, the entire opening sequence: gay lovers are savagely beaten 80s-style by local fuckheads, and one of them ends up being devoured by Pennywise… and from thereon out that is pretty much forgotten. And Mulletman… is he supposed to be dangerous, or just a fucking idiot?

And nevermind the, um, homage (?) to the best body-horror movie of all time, The Thing… I’m still trying to process that.

But hey, I got to look at Jessica Chastain for a couple of hours, which isn’t all that bad, especially when there’s no waterboarding or Mars missions involved.

The wink-and-a-nod “your endings sucked” was pretty precious, too. I mean, adolescent group sex is one thing… but is a McGuffin fetch-it quest straight from Zork any better?

Yes, it is better. Not like, good, but…

I definitely agree that Henry Browder felt tangential, though. And reeeeeally reminded me of that one character from the Simpsons, the mulleted crook whose name I forget, so it was very hard for me to take him seriously.

Wait, I thought Cronenberg’s The Fly was the best body horror movie of all time.