It may be the smallest Xbox ever, but it's still not cute

Title It may be the smallest Xbox ever, but it's still not cute
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When September 8, 2020

That's 2020 gaming's worst kept secret. The Xbox Series S is the budget-friendly version of Microsoft's Xbox Series X. It's existence has long been rumored, and Microsoft finally confirmed it after the promo video leaked earlier today..

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Might be a nice second console w/ streaming apps for the bedroom for Series X buyers, too.

You can use it as a hot plate if you turn it horizontal.

I dunno, I think it might be the best deal ever for people who haven’t invested years in getting a Steam backlog of Doom, and who just want to play a few games each month. This, the Games Pass, fairly cheap gaming for years with little fuss.

Why did they make it look like a wireless subwoofer? Pick something cool, like a router!

It’s the bass model.

(Someone on Twitter probably already made this joke.)

I looks cute to me. I’m a little jealous, since I plan to get the Series X. I think this looks better.

It looks weird. They should have made the cooling grill thing a diffferent shape. Maybe a 2-tone grey/black X? Still better looking than the PS5.

This one amused me:

9-9-2020 8-36-14 PM


If it looks like that with the RBG lights I am definitely not getting it.

That does actually look better, without the high contrast black. The other grilles are square and white. I wonder why that wasn’t used for the big one.

Very cool.

How I wished I could plug a dvd drive into this.

No idea the S had its own thread!

I got one of these for Christmas and am enjoying the hell out of it. Had planned to get the SX but could never find one. The wife (a non-gamer) ended up surprising me with the S and it is an awesome little console.

Had Control on the One X and it gave me motion sickness due to low FPS and what I found to be dull gameplay, but on the S with 60 FPS it’s like a whole new game! I’m really loving it now and it may be the first game I finish in a couple of years. Another game I am really getting into thanks to faster FPS that I had issues with before was Jedi:Fallen Order.

Divinity: Original Sin was one of the best RPGs I had played in a while, but the super long load times and dying a lot had me quit it after 10 hours or so. Now with the quick resume feature and super quick loading times, I am enjoying that experience a hell of a lot more.

I am more than satisfied with the S. More often than not I am playing older games due to my crazy backlog and playing those in higher or at least consistent frame rates was what I wanted and didn’t always get out of the X Box One X.

The S was worth it for that alone. But add Quick Resume plus much faster loading times (even over the SSD I used with the One X) and I’m using the S far more than I’ve used the One X (or Xbox One before).

And since I didn’t pay for the S myself, I had no problem getting the 1 TB expansion card for it (at a “discount” since I had $60 in rewards… Not sure if I would have got it at full price).

Still have my One X since I buy games on disc, but except for the rare must-have I pre-order or get on release, a lot of the times I wait for big sales on physical games and get them cheap enough so that if they also go on sale digitally at substantial savings, I will buy it, too.

So the S totally works for me and has stalled my desire for the Series X.

Looks like a cheap bluetooth speaker Made in China that you accidentally knock into the pool and discover that that Amazon advertisement from the third Market Seller lied; it isn’t waterproof

My girlfriend’s PS4 died in early December. She plays things occasionally, mostly with her teenaged kids, but she’s not a super gamer or anything. The kids couldn’t survive their weeks at her place without something to play on, and she couldn’t find a PS5 in the wild anywhere- hell, she couldn’t even find a replacement PS4, so she asked me about the Xbox. I convinced her a Series S would be just fine, and hooked her up with two years of GP via the usual method, and she’s been loving it. She’s not a discerning enough gamer to know what she’s ‘missing’ in the Series X, but it’s still a huge upgrade from her PS4, and the GP library has found a bunch of cool games for her and the kids- MS has curated that really well to have a lot of options for all tastes.

Woot had the Series S for $250 for today only. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to post this morning. Checking it now, it’s sold out.

Woot still has them

Wow, new in box too. Wait a couple of months and MS will be giving them away for $99 with 1 year of Game Pass.