It may be the smallest Xbox ever, but it's still not cute

I guess 1440p sounds better than 1080p, but they knew that 99% of the people who bought the One S would never, ever pair it with a 1440p computer monitor.

Apparently Alex Battalia (from Digital Foundry) bought a Samsung TV in 2019 that’s 1440p. So maybe they sell them in some markets? But yeah, they have to be really rare.

I think it’s for those using 4K TVs who want a cheaper console. They get a less expensive console but also get to use SOME of their TV/s capabilities. At the end of the day, 1440p is still better than 1080p.

That being said, I agree that they should have been targeting 1080p all along and focusing more on performance.

I got the S (well, my wife got it for me for a birthday) because I couldn’t find an X at the time. But I didn’t want the X for the higher resolution (I’m still on a smallish (48") 1080p TV), but for the better performance (and disc capability).

The S has been working out well, and only on some games do I wish it had a bit more power (or they’d gone with 1080p instead of 1440p). Overall though, it’s fantastic. And I’m glad MS and some developers have patched higher frame rates into older and recent titles. I’m in no rush now to get an X.

Damn, Costco gonna move a lot of Series S

Heck I might get one

It’s a great second xbox, “performs” much better than a 1x on a 1080p screen.

Performs in quote marks because I have no idea about the tech details, it just feels better to play and the loading times are great.

That is just a ridiculous deal, if you can get it and have somewhere to put it.

If I was a Verizon Customer, I would definitely jump on that. If only to experiment with emulators or to turn it into a Windows 98 emulating machine, things like that.

I’d probably get one too for my bedroom TV. Hell, the extra controller is worth $50 on its own, so you’re getting a whole dang console for a hundred bucks. Remember, Xboxen can run pretty much every streaming app in the world and they will run fast.

I don’t use the XSX in my living room for streaming because it doesn’t skip YouTube ads and sponsorships. I guess I could use the Kodi addon for that (yes Xbox has Kodi) but that’s a pain in the ass. Also it’ll use more power than a normal streamer, but really only when you’re watching it, not a huge deal.

Thanks; this is the perfect link with which to annoy my friend who brags(?) about how great(??) his Verizon(??!?) service is but “hates Xbox.”

Seems like the deal is already dead, probably an error? While signed in I only see it marked down to $250.

You have to go to the Verizon Up section and activate the deal to get a code.

This deal plus a $200 Verizon gift card that’s been sitting around unused just snagged me one of these for the low low price of free. Add in-store pickup and it should be in hand right after work.

Thanks for the heads up on this!

Kind of crazy good design here IMO. Makes me hungry looking at it.

I love these wild limited console designs. They’ve become much rarer in recent years for some reason.

That’s pretty awesome.

New Series S bundle. Basically they’re including 3 months of Game Pass Ultimate with one.

I like this for two reasons:

  1. There’s now going to be a bunch of codes floating around for 3 months of Ultimate. Maybe discounted on places like cdkeys?
  2. Last year Costco had the Series S down to $240, maybe this year this bundle can be down to that price around Black Friday? I’m sure we’ll see door busters somewhere.

It’s amusing the picture has Flight Simulator in there three times.

I haven’t been able to play it yet because it takes up so much room on the Series S. IIRC it’s almost half the free space.

We had some great deals last christmas season in canada too. I was tempted to buy a second… it was the same price as those 1tb memory expansions. I would’ve bought it with a gamepass code.

What is this free space you speak of?