It’s the 20:20 movie frame game of 2018!


Game rules:
Posting: On your turn, select a movie and check to see that it hasn’t been done before. Post a frame from the movie when you pause it at the 20:20 mark. Wait for at least a couple people to guess, or 24 hours. Then post a frame from 40:40 and wait again. Continue for 60:60, 80:80, 100:100, etc. If nobody can guess your movie, you lose and must post again.

Guessing: Use only what’s in your mind (don’t Google it). You get one guess per frame, and if you want to guess again, you’ll have to wait until the next frame gets posted. If you guess the movie, it’s your turn to post.

Here’s a link to the google doc of all the movie frames posted so far, curated by @charmtrap.


@ChristienMurawski will post here for the frame after winning Personal Shopper!


C’mon, matey boy. It’s been a week. @ChristienMurawski


Happy New Year, all. And…

Happy New Twenty:



Happy New Year to all as well.

I’m pretty sure that’s from a flashback in Manchester by the Sea.


I’m pretty sure you’re right about that. Damn I love the way that hospital sequence is edited.

Ding ding ding! Our first winnar of 2018 is BellaConfusione!

The forty (“I like Star Trek.”):


The eighty-whatever:

The one-hundred:

The one-twenty:

Since my top pick for 2016’s list had already been done, I went with my #2 movie of that year. It is list-making time after all, people.

You have the conch, @BellaConfusione!


“Shut up. Sharks don’t even swim in schools!”


You know what would be a great New Year’s resolution for this thread? If people who can commit to a guess can also commit to getting a new frame up within 24 hours after being declared the winner. This game has really dragged to a halt over the last few months.


agrees with the grumpy doctor 👆👆


Alright. I won’t guess anymore.


Please don’t let it come to that. I love it when you guess, Chris.

Look, I agree that we need to pick up the pace. But there will be lag times. During the holidays for instance, things got a little rough. I got very sick over New Year’s, and I’m sorry I set the tone for the long wait. That will happen sometimes.

But by and large I agree with John that we can pick up the pace. I’d just rather not lose some of my favorite people who may be able to guess from work, but have to wait to post a frame.



Here’s the new 20:20



I don’t want to lose anyone either: I just want people to seriously ask themselves before they guess whether they can get a new frame up within 24 hours if they win.

Most people who guess from the office are great about posting something when they get home, IMO. And I think we all understand that real life comes up occasionally, so I don’t mind the occasional long gap. But as someone who really enjoys this game, it feels to me like over the last few months it has become a lot more common for people to take a 48+ hour gap between one game and another. Considering the fact that a 20:20 game can often resolve itself within minutes of the first frame going up, and you might miss that opportunity to guess multiple games in a row, all that downtime starts feeling drawn out.

Anyway, not singling out anyone in particular, or trying to be a dick and police people. I’d just love it if there was less downtime, without necessarily losing any players. I think all of us would.


Again, agreed. As one of the biggest offenders in this regard, I’ll certain be willing to put myself to task in this regard.



Person to Person?


I suppose another reason why it’s taking longer to post new entries is… much of the low hanging fruit, the movies that tons of people have in their home collections, were posted a few thousand entries ago. The movies posted now are more obscure or brand new. Harder to guess, harder to replace.

Or so I would guess. Maybe I’m conflating the problem with overfishing.


It’s not Person to Person.


That looks like an elevated rail line, so I’m goi g to be a homer and say that’s the L in Chicago. And guess The Big Sick.

Because it is literally the first recent movie set in Chicago I could think of. Also because it’s Bella, which almost 100% means I’ve not seen the movie no matter what it is ;)


It is not The Big Sick, here is the 40:


The 40 and the 60 are probably not very helpful, so i’ll post these a little quicker to get to the 80.



Here is the 80: