It’s the 20:20 movie frame game of 2018!


So I guess I’m a loser this time around. That’s the grimy crime thriller The Yellow Sea.

It’s quite good, even though it overdoes the shakycam in the action scenes, and it’s not up there with his other movies, The Chaser and The Wailing.

The new 20:20


Is that The Firm?


Sorry Soren, you picked the Asian cinema I am least familiar with. Gave it some thought, but couldn’t figure out the leads.


I almost guessed this, but it didn’t look rural or supernatural enough.


No, not The Firm.

The 40:40 should clarify the era.


Hmmm. Maniac Cop ?


@dwinn for the win - it is indeed Maniac Cop.

The chin himself at the 60:60

Close to getting a shot of Zdar’s even more impressive chin in the 80:80, but alas:


Hey @dwinn

It’s been two days, Man.


I’m looking for a good Skinemax one for you. Be patient!


Aha! I found just the right one… OR HAVE I???

Possibly NSFW:

I guess I can’t blur the image? I can handle things, I’m smart, not dumb like people say.


I know that ass. Friday the 13th Part 2.


I think you are right. I grokked that that jean-short ass was from the franchise, but I think you nailed the episode.


I bow to you good @charmtrap, it is indeed part 2.




Allez cuisine!


Whabing! New 20…


You Were Never Really Here


Boom, easy peasy! Not a terrible movie, but probably somewhat minor Ramsey.

Get goin’, @anonymgeist!


That beard is fugly.


Wait, what’s major Ramsey? I thought this was easily the best thing she’s done.

What a great frame! Assuming you’ve seen the movie. I suspect how someone feels about You Were Never Really Here can be determined by how he feels about that scene.


I’ve been to paradise,
but I’ve never been to me


I adore both Ratcatcher and Morvern Callar. YWNRH was very good, but I think would have benefitted greatly for me if I’d seen it on the big screen. It’s very cinematic, and I think maybe lost something seeing it on my 27" monitor.


Well, at least you’re not going to bat for Hey, Uh, We Should Really Talk About Kevin, Okay?