It’s the 20:20 movie frame game of 2018!








I recognized the actress (in the left) in the 60:60, so I figured it was from Brazil, but I haven’t watched that one, alas.


Murder at 1600


Glad you did. Think I’d like to see this one. I’m very interested in the history of slavery elsewhere than in the U.S.






Our Kind of Traitor?




Sticking with a Rome theme … To Rome With Love?


Well, I screwed that up. I totally read Skipper’s post wrong. Oh well. I’ll give it to him.

It’s Room in Rome.

I’ve had this in my back pocket for a while, and have debated going with it, but I loved that 20:20 shot too much.

Directed by Julio Medem, who also did Sex and Lucia.





Damn. Well if you have one you want to go with, go for it? I can drum one up as well if not. Won’t take long.

BTW, I only had a Rome themed guess due to them pointing at what looks like a recreated map of ancient Rome with their fingers on Circus Maximus, I believe.


Go ahead. I was distracted and also feeling sick, so I totally misread your guess.


Oh, lol. I thought it was a close-up of a motherboard.


The new 20:


Nary a guess, huh? Noted. I’ll be posting another frame before the end of workday.


IDK wht it is yet, but that is a fat Kommissar in the frame. Late 50s, early 60s.

I’m sighting my guns…


Going to speed this one along because I leave for Florida tomorrow and making these posts will be harder.

The 40! (Though not much help.)


High Society?