It’s the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2020!

Agreed for the first frame. Also, doesn’t the guy on the extreme right side of the frame look familiar to you? His (half-)face rings a bell.

However, about the second image, why l meant was that these guys look like they may actually live in the Middle-East (this type of beard is present everywhere in Levant, Turkey etc.). That being said, the two young fellas on the left side of the frame could very, very much be French, yes. And the shutters in the back too (l think…). They could also be Sepharad?

The only face that rings a bell for me is the central guy in the second frame, who I intially thought I must have seen in something Iranian, but I just can’t place him.

This is may be taking the detective work too far and I’ll refrain from making a guess on this movie, but this is the interior of some current Paris Metros:

Yes, l think you’re clearly on something with your France guess. Clearly the same metro. And for sure a very recent movie. Maybe a Jacques Audiard movie? De battre mon cœur s’est arrêté ( The Beat That My Heart Skipped)?

I’ve not even seen it but I will riff on your sleuthing and suggest Un prophète.

Un Prophète -good movie by the way- has already been done. By BellaConfusione l reckon.

Dang, and I checked the cheatsheet and everything!

I actually had it on my backlog ready to watch but alas it was lost in the great hard drive crash of '20.

I believe that’s BPM, the French AIDS movie which stars the talented Adele Haenel.

Oh damn, I think you’re right. That was a really good movie.

Yeah, the 40 made me think it was maybe an Ashgar Farhadi movie, but there’s way too much diversity in that 20 for Iran.


Plus, the metro is segregated there. And the hijab is mandatory.

@Woolen_Horde got it! It is BPM, the French AIDS movie that stars Adèle Haenel, although she isn’t in any of the frames. It starts off as an engaging account of a group of activists fighting for the rights of HIV-positive people in France. It features interesting debates about the activists’ methods (ever-relevant) and the action is shot well. Unfortunately it ends by being about one of activists slowly dying. As sad as that is, it just isn’t as gripping as the first part.

I’m a big Adele Haenel fan. I posted one of her movies here, and correctly identified another one.


Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist?


Darn you, Tom!!! I was hoping to get to at least 40! Yes, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. I saw this movie in the theater and really enjoyed it. Kat Dennings is wonderful in it. George Michael is George Michael. And one of my favorite bands, Bishop Allen, shows up.




The 20:20 was like the 23rd or 24th frame of the 20th second of the 20th minute of the movie. Otherwise, you get this dead giveaway.

Drunk sexy Ari Graynor makes quite the impression. :)


In what movie will you see this at the 20:20?

Grand Illusion


Please tell me you did not watch The Wrong Missy.

You got it, no need to be condescending.

Unless that was a joke between you two and I missed it. Sorry, been way too wound up with this election of late.

My only goal was to out someone else who had watched it. And now my work here is done.

The Wrong Missy is one of those Sandler crew joints where they shoot in some exotic location so that it’s like going on a vacation for the cast and crew. If the movie is set in Hawaii or Acapulco or Belize or somewhere with a nice beach, they’ll do it. Hence the 40:40, which is the set-up for Rob Schneider punching a CG shark in the nose.

Bicycle Thief

The 60:60 is a wacky musical performance that includes a fat guy dancing! So hilarious.

La Dolce Vita

And then here’s the wrong Missy again, play with enthusiasm by Lauren Lapkus, who the audience is asked to think of as utterly unfuckable even by a total schlub like David Spade.

Valley of the Dolls Part 2

In spite of Lapkus’ enthusiasm, what a godawful movie. That Woolen Horde saw! Ha ha!


I saw it too. The lack of a theater to go watch things in has opened up a bevy of streaming titles that would have been skipped probably.

That being said, is this now going to be the new normal? Will theaters ever have the profit and pull they did prior to COVID?

Will streaming first run movies at a price continue to be an option?