It’s the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2021!

Game rules:
Posting: On your turn, select a movie and check to see that it hasn’t been done before. Post a frame from the movie when you pause it at the 20:20 mark. Wait for at least 24 hours, but you can shave 4 or so hours off that if you get a few guesses. Then post a frame from 40:40 and wait again. Continue for 60:60, 80:80, 100:100, etc. If nobody can guess your movie, you lose and must post again.

Guessing: Use only what’s in your mind (don’t Google it). You get one guess per frame, and if you want to guess again, you’ll have to wait until the next frame gets posted. If you guess the movie, it’s your turn to post.

Take a look here to see where the 2020 20:20 Frame Game left off.

Here’s a link to the google doc of all the movie frames posted so far , curated by @charmtrap.

The five O. Henry short stories (including The Gift of the Magi) by five directors (including Howard Hawkes and Jean Negulesco), and featuring Charles Laughton and a young Marilyn Monroe set in the turn of the Twentieth Century always makes my holiday viewing list. It’s not A Wonderful Life, but a precious gift box of a time, encased in amber.

The Sixty:

The Eighty:

The Hundred:

“Good afternoon, @DrCrypt. Aren’t you a little lonely window-shopping all by yourself? Wouldn’t you prefer to come and play in my backyard?”

The new 20:20.

I don’t know what movie this is, but I’m willing to bet this is the home of a (possibly supernatural) serial killer.

Hrm … a lot to unpack on that shot. An apparent run-down Dutch colonial style house with trees/leaves/foilage that looks … northeastern or midwest US somewhere. Nothing says run-down like boards over the transom window in the doorway, but apparently a beautiful blue door.

I feel like I’ve seen this house @DrCrypt. Give me a bit to think on it today.


That was my first thought too, but I believe that had a fence

Perhaps it’s the house itself that’s possessed?

I like where this is going! I feel like I’m going to kick myself if I don’t win this one. No one else guess after he posts more frames.


I’m guessing Ladybugs. To quote its star, “Nice house. Looks like the trees threw up.”


Wonderfully unexpected guess, but no, it’s not Ladybugs.

No correct guesses yet, so here’s the 40:40.

Uh, oh. Looks like she’s being threatened by a grill in the foreground.

Well, there are a couple of things I’m pretty sure it isn’t.


Still no correct guesses, so here’s the 60:60.

State of Washington flag in the background. And that’s a 90s scream queen in the 40:40. Is this The Stepfather, where Terry O’Quinn has hair?

It is! And if you squint a bit, it’s Terry O’Quinn with Hair at the 80:80!

Over to you, WH!

Nicely done, @Woolen_Horde! I wouldn’t have gotten it, even with the 80:80.


I wouldn’t have gotten it either. Nice job.