It’s the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2021!

No worries, man. If needed I have both of those and will bow out to assist on screenshots. Ping me the title in PM.

What about the snipping tool? Assuming you’re using windows, don’t know if MacOS or Linux have an equivalent.

The new 20:20, frames courtesy of @Skipper .

It’s gotten so bad the only thing I can get to work anymore is Firefox for the viewing, and SnagIt for the screenshot. I think it’s Firefox that’s the key, I’m betting even the windows screenshot tool would work with it too. But for sure, everything worked a couple of years ago. Now, not so much.

Dang, that sounds quite frustrating. It’s been awhile since I did any frame grabs for the game, but I do recall running into problems with Amazon, where I ended up needing to use the snipping tool and sort of “bootleg” the screen grab. Direct screenshotting/print screen just wouldn’t work for some reason.

This website has a few additional fixes. I’m assuming though they are a pain, they will work as well.

In addition, the really painful way is to run a VM, launch the browser within that VM, full screen the movie, then screenshot from the parent OS.

I should note, this isn’t just a Netflix thing, it’s Prime/Netflix/YouTube Movies are all doing it. I’m assuming all streaming platforms will or do.

To keep the discussion separate from here, I’m posting this over in Hardware and Technical Stuff. If you guys find other workarounds, let’s post them there where people don’t have to scroll forever to find them within the Frame Game thread.

Last time I took one, the web browser worked fine with windows built in screengrab. It’s been a minute so maybe some update knocked that out but it should still work

I’m gonna guess that’s 1922.

And what a correct guess it is!





Good ol Thomas Jane. He did his best.

New 20

Dunno what movie but damn does that look like Rachel and Monica’s kitchen from Friends.

That’s Bob Odenkirk, and it doesn’t look like a Dolomite-funky 70’s kitchen, so I’m gonna run with him in another 70’s kitchen in the bog-standard Hollywood hagiography to the WaPo, mailed in by Spielberg, The Post.

Get better, Bob.

That’s a perfectly reasonable chain of logic that, unfortunately, led you to the wrong answer this time.

I don’t recognize that actor, so I am going to guess Michael Caine, since he is in every movie ever made!

Let’s see if a 40 helps


Dammit, I think I know what movie this is but I can’t remember what it’s called.

It’s called Misbehaviour! W_H gets the win!

A period piece about a plot to disrupt the Miss World pageant early in the women’s liberation movement. Good cast: Keira Knightley, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Keeley Hawes, Rhys Ifans, and Greg Kinnear doing a hammy Bob Hope impression. I managed to find quite a bit to like in it mostly because of the performances, despite how much of a formula feel-good Britcom it is.



The go, it is yours @Woolen_Horde.

Normally I’m the one who does the Keira Knightley movies here.


Aw, man, there’s no way I don’t know what that is. This has got to be something I’ve seen. I’m going to kick myself when someone guesses this movie correctly, aren’t I?