It’s time for the 2018 Quarterlies! Vote for Quarter to Three’s Best Game of 2018


Nice video. I’d never heard of ZeroRanger.

It’s a 2D Shooter! I used to hate that genre until this year, when the Skyforce games made me love it. I’m not done with Skyforce yet though, and ZeroRanger looks too advanced for me. Unfortunately Skyforce Reloaded came out last year I think, so it’s not eligible for votes, but man, I had so much fun with it this year. It’s always cool to get into a new genre because of a game.


I’ll throw my meaningless, overly-personal votes out there.

  1. God of War
  2. Super Smash Bros Ultimate
  3. Monster Hunter World
  4. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Is God of War actually a transcendent gaming experience superior to all others in 2018? I posit that it is not, UNLESS you complete it two days before your first child is born. Then it kind of sticks with you.

That game has been in my head every night when I wake up to feed my daughter. I think of Atreus every time my daughter falls down after trying to stand up. I call my daughter “Boy” sometimes when Mom’s not around. I think a lot about how to raise her to be strong but also tender and kind.

Suffice to say that God of War really fucked me up last year. Preparing for our first child made me pretty emotionally raw, and goddamn if God of War didn’t take advantage of that.

This year’s iteration of Super Smash Bros is perfect. Huge roster, lots of balance, very accessible. I wish every fighting game was as big as Smash.

2018 was the year that Monster Hunter finally clicked with me. Now, I’m a lifer. I spent more time in World and Generations Ultimate than any other game in 2018.





Something like 3 separate people have already looked at the votes and predicted 1 and 2 already, but I did think about that spoiler a lot before posting it. Still, at least I waited until basically the end. :)

Nevertheless, mea culpa perhaps?


Nah don’t sweat it. I wuz jes buggin’.




Bump. Since it came up a lot in this thread, I thought I’d let y’all know that the wonderful Scavenger SV-4 is having an anniversary sale right now.


That’s, like, one-and-a-half lattes.


Lattes are gross, though.


Not from where I’m standing.


Try standing over here, in the sunshine.


I’m literally drinking a gross Starbucks latte as I read this. Gross because the ‘barista’ hasn’t a clue and had to consult a chart to make it.

Should have bought Scavenger SV-4 instead.


In a latte?


You still can!


Shoulda had a V8. Or a V6 if you don’t need that much power.



Where’s the beef?!


This was very unexpected. I thought “I could’ve had a V8” commercial would be about cars.


First, it’s the wrong thread; second, that juice was sold in 5oz little cans here, what the hell are those barrels they sell it in in America!


Everything comes in barrels here: V-8, Gatorade, lard, gasoline…