Italian music

I recently started studying Italian and I would like to expose myself to the language as much as humanly possible. So in addition to movies and simple texts, I’d like to load my iPod up with some Italian music, since thats the device I use to consume most of my media anyway. Any bands Qt3 might recommend? Im open to almost every suggestion with one caveat, no metal or any other ROUGH STUFF. I have no problem with usually but my naiveté leads me to believe that Italian should at least start out sounding a little more soothing and relaxed. (Punk is ok though).

Thanks in advance guys

Awesome Italian album by an awesome American artist..

Tom’s the opera buff around here, right? Those tend to be en Italiano.

Andrea Bocelli isn’t too horrible.

Yeah, if you’re not opposed to opera, stuff like Marriage of Figaro, Tosca, Don Giovanni probably wouldn’t hurt (the only Italian I know – apart from what can be derived from latinate similarities with French – comes from reading the translated lyrics of Don Giovanni while listening to it). I’m sure there’s plenty of Italian pop too but I couldn’t tell you a thing about it…

Actually after considering the matter I think I am opposed to opera. Which is a shame, because I understand that if I rule out opera then my options are severely limited. Yesterday I happened to run into an Italian, who seemed to be pretty up on that kinda stuff and he confirmed what you guys were speculating (Namely that most of italian music is pop nowadays).