Italian Spiderman

Ok, wasn’t sure if this should go here or in Everything Else. IMO it’s even better than Overdrift


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3


I had no idea they were doing episodes of this. This is fucking great.

But who would win in a fight between Italian Spiderman and Turkish Superman?

Japanese Spider-Man.

I wish it really was Ron Jeremy on that motorcycle - cuz it looks like him sorta and he’d be an awesome Dago Spiderman. (Even though he’s a jew)

Awesome. Now I have to wait another week for the next episode though!

Even Italian Spiderman has villain creep. First there’s Italian Flash Thompson in high school, then Capitan Maximo, then El Goblin. In the first movie!

I’m sure they don’t give any of these villains the time or attention for a decent origin story.

Don’t forget The Lizard or as he seemed to be called in this one, Crockodilo.

He does have a giant robot, leoporadon or something like that.


Started strong, but I feel like it’s getting less about the parody and more about the gags with every episode.

The trailer really is the best part of it. Though I’ve enjoyed each episode.

4 was decent, 5 was a bit better, and 6 is flat out awesome.

Episode 8 was once again awesome! Though not quite as awesome as 6’s, “Pinguiniiiiiii!”

(for those who need to catch up, here is the director’s page on youtube.)


I have an awesome animated gif thanks to this show.