Itouch discharging

Hi, every so often I turn my Itouch off and it still discharges the battery. It’s past 90 days so I assume no warranty. Any suggestions? It’s very aggravating to say the least.

I seem to recall apple having a 1 year warranty. I could be wrong though.

By turning it off are you holding the home and screen keys until it powers down? or just hitting the screen blank button up top?

You might also want to turn off wireless. They will slowly discharge over time though, there isn’t much you can do about that. When I say slowly though, we’re talking over a week for mine to discharge in my backpack.

Oh. Oops. Back to rtfm, thanks as usual Skipper!

That could be a big factor. I’m starting to think that even in sleep mode, the iPhone (and by inference, the Touch) tries to talk to weak networks and blows through its charge. At a courthouse with a notoriously weak free wifi connection, mine blew through almost an entire charge in a matter of hours.

One thing I’ve noticed on my phone is that some apps don’t seem to sleep properly. If I make sure to exit back to the phone menu before I put it on suspend, I’ll get a couple days out of a given charge, but if I put it to sleep while it’s running certain apps (can’t think of an example, probably was some game that I’ve since deleted) it’ll chew through its charge in a matter of a couple hours.

Turn off the “auto connect to networks” and remove any of those bad networks from the connect list.

No problem Lorini, hopefully that will help a bit.

Is it a clear, odorless discharge, or more of a milky, strong-smelling discharge? The first is perfectly normal, but the second can be the sign of a more serious problem.

Perhaps the problem is iTouching yourself in the first place? ;)

“Discharge” in any context just sounds gross.

Sorry. Just had to. I’ve signed my soul away to Apple, so I have to correct ;)
(It’s in the agreement!)

Everyone I know calls it the iTouch, despite Apple not calling it that.

Everybody I know calls it “that thing, not the iPhone” :)

mine does this all the time too. Let me guess you don’t actually have headphones connected to it, right? The problem is that sometimes when you plug it into a dock or boombox it automatically resumes playing the last song you were listening to and if you don’t have phones plugged in you don’t realize the music is on when you unplug it. Then the battery drains in a matter of hours.

Yes that’s exactly what happens. I went back to the manual and it turns out I should hold down the button that’s used to blank the screen, and then it’ll show a red arrow. Press on that and the Ipod touch is fully turned off.

For the first few weeks I had my iPod Touch I was turning the thing off by holding down the power button, and when I turned it on (with the white Apple logo on black bootup screen) the battery was way lower than before. Now I just tap the power button on top which I guess puts it into sleep mode… and the battery doesn’t drain. I have Wi-Fi on, etc. I have read that turning it “off” drains the battery faster than leaving it on and certainly my anecdotal evidence bears this out.

This is very true for me. When I’m at work I can get on the wifi there, but I’m far enough in the building that I have no phone signal. So even sleeping it sucks up the battery trying to connect. Usually in the morning I turn on airplane mode just to save on the battery.

Well further tests show that my Ipod Touch is in fact draining the battery when it is off. Within 24 hours of turning it off by using the method described in the manual, there will be no battery charge left. So I guess it’s off to the Apple Store unless someone has a better suggestion.