It's 2016 and here's your 20:20 movie game name thread!

First up: Christien Murawski!

Here’s a link to the google doc of all the movie frames posted so far, curated by charmtrap.

Happy New Year, all!

The new twenty:


For convenience, the link to charmtrap’s Master List.

Thanks for doing that, Jason. And, as always, thanks so much to charmtrap for creating and maintaining it.

The forty:


I don’t know if it is supposed to be creepy, but that frame is damn creepy.

Is this The Overnight ?

Indeed, matttutor, it is!


Very short movie, so that’s all we’ve got. But given that choosing it took place over the New Year, I figured it would work.

You have the conch, matttutor!



Your choice of the word creepy, Kemper Boyd, is particularly apt.


The new 20:20

Looks like Casablanca with phony snow instead of rain.

Not Casablanca, but looks like fake snow.

The 40:40

Grampa Matt, what was it like when movies didn’t have sound or color or any other interesting things?



I am not yet a Grampa but still do enjoy movies of all eras.

These frames do offer interesting things though, like hats and cool shadows and smoking!

Not much to go on, unless a face is recognized in these frames… it will be over soon enough and I will most likely lose. Shall the next be from this century?

Call Northside 777?

There’s no Jimmy Stewart but that maid looks familiar.

Matt, don’t let Tom’s reflexive disparagement of old movies, which he’s doing just for fun (I think), dissuade you. Post whatever film you want, even if it really is from the silent era. FWIW, this film has 1940s written all over it and looks like it was beautifully photographed. No idea who that actor in the 20 is though.

Thanks for the encouragement. While I’m hardly a seasoned veteran here, I’m aware of Tom’s “humor” so took it as such. His :) is also a good indicator of tone!

No Jimmy Stewart and no Call Northside 777 (is that any good?).

Right decade though - it is from the 40s.

Well, it has Jimmy being a hero, two actors from 12 Angry Men, an inspiring true story of a mother spending years in backbreaking labor to raise money to help her jailbird son prove his innocence, and plenty of inspiring location shots in mid-century Chicago. At the very least it sets up the gag in Johnny Dangerously where Johnny and his moll are walking through the same locations. “Aren’t we in Chicago?” “No, we’re in New York.” On the other hand, Call Northside 777 introduces an absolutely ridiculous ticking clock in the third act to artificially raise tension. As far as grandpa movies go, you could do worse.

Call Northside 777 also has Richard Conte as the wrongly convicted man. His most famous role would come years later portraying a very guilty man: Don Barzini in The Godfather.

The 60:60 - last frame for this one.

There’s something so familiar about this. Is this the original Cat People?