It's 2016 and here's your 20:20 movie game name thread!


Okay fine. Jessica Hecht and Frank Grillo. I love them both so I’m gonna guess My Soul to Take?

And that one Purge movie was really good. The one with the car with all the armor on it and the truck with the huge gun in the trailer.



OMG thank you, Dear Dingus! It is indeed My Soul to Take, a more pleasant than not Wes Craven joint. Into thy hands I commend the next frame


See, but the thing is, Dingus hasn’t even seen Soul to Take and I have. I think. Someone is, like, an exorcist in it or something?



Ach, yes…Jessica Hecht. Ross’s ex-wife’s lesbian lover on Friends. That’s been bothering me all afternoon.


Okay. I have a good feeling about this. No matter what…

The new twenty:



The Jerk?



Not a bad guess, actually. But no.



Looks like James Brown’s church in The Blues Brothers ?


Indeed it is, matttutor! You see the light!

I chose this one for what are hopefully obvious reasons.

The forty:

This frame happens just after the forty:

sixty-one (four whole fried chickens, and a coke):

The eighty-whatever:

The one-hundred (dang I love this frame):

The one-twenty:

This frame comes just after the one-twenty:

On the podcast this week we discussed musicals at length. As I watched this for the frames, I was kicking myself for not bringing up this movie. It’s really a great example of a musical that works for people who may not like conventional musicals. Those first notes Ray Charles keys in his number…man, I can watch him do that over and over again. To say nothing of watching Aretha Franklin’s number. I so love this movie.

You have the conch, @matttutor!


“Uh excuse me. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the action on this piana…”

Two more bonus frames, just because…


Yeah me!

A new 20


The 40 below should solicit some guesses:


Purple Rose of Cairo?


Only took one…

Baren, you are correct

The 60 (frustrated actors contemplate their existence, so to speak)

The 80 (we hit the credits (even the font is a clue) as Woody keeps it tight)

Happy New Year all. Last one of 2016?

If you are wondering what Woody’s next project might be, look here:


@matttutor sent me a PM to say that I’d won, which is nice. My first, I think, under Discourse. It got me looking through my imported PMs, and I found one from years and years ago where I told him that he’d won. An interesting symmetry!

Anyway, what movie were you watching when this guy was walking away from you at the 20:20?


I’ll guess Darjeeling Limited, but only if that guy is wearing a white turban.


Not Darjeeling Limited, although I like that guess. I’ll post a second frame before bed tonight if no one else has gotten it.


It’s standing room only up in this 4040:

Happy new year, boys and girls!


That has to be Train to Busan


You are correct, @dwinn. And barring some very quick turnarounds, you are likely to be the last winner of 2016. Time to make a 2017 movie frame game thread!





BTW. For those of you who subscribe to this thread…we are over here now.

Happy New Year!