It's 2016 and here's your 20:20 movie game name thread!

Correct! Looked like I was a loser for sure but no. Good job Jason and it is your turn.

Wow, I pulled that one out of my nether regions. Here’s your new 20:

Glengarry Glen Ross

Yes, it’s everybody’s go-to choice for family night at the movies. In reading the history of this film, I was surprised to find what a box office flop it was in its initial theatrical run, not even making back it’s very modest $12 million budget.

Over to you, Sinnick!

“You see this watch? You see this watch?”

You guys started without me!

Paging Mr. Sinnick

Mr. Sinnick, please pick up a white courtesy phone located in the airport concourse.

Sinnick, with great power comes great need to do something because it is the right and proper action.

As some aristocratic once uttered, someone has to save our skins.



“I just tried to have sex with my hitman.”


Now you’re just copying what that guy on Twitter posted.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! What gave it away?

40:40 “Of all the frames that I had my eyes closed!”

60:60 “It rubs the lotion on its skin…”

80:80 “WHAT’S IN THE BAGS???”

100:100 “Sure, you can really make a lot of money driving for Uber.”

Congrats, Kemper. You have the conch. Now don’t do a Sinnick.

“So if your fear is that we are operating out-of-bounds, I assure we we are not. The boundary has been moved.”

I was primed for this one.


“I didn’t know ghosts got thirsty.”

I love how this movie alternates between the awesome night vision that Delta was using (state-of-the-art thermal shit) with the grainy light amplification the poor FBI gets. Little brother, indeed.


I kept thinking, he forgot to tweet #9. Look there’s #8, there’s #7 and then ohhhhhhh, right.

Yeah, it’s a tough one to quote. Which is really hard on me!


So now Woolen Hording will be called sinnicking? I’m just glad it’s not called Chicking anymore.


Is my pile of winter sweaters Woolen Hording?

Sorry guys, family business suddenly arose. I cede to Kemper, because Sicario is awesome.

Love the captions, WH!

Here is the new Twenty: