It's 2021 and if it's in this thread, it's an animated GIF!

If you turn off your brain you might appreciate it for what it is. I don’t regret watching it, but I would never call it a good movie. Maybe OK? The thing is, a movie this silly can’t be this serious. That’s its greatest fault.

Seriously? You have to ask me if I’ve seen the movie in which Kurt Wimmer established the art of gunkata? In which all it takes to snap loose from the bonds of authoritarian repression is a cute dog, some Beethoven, and Emily Watson, not necessarily in that order? The movie in which Sean Bean probably dies? I honestly don’t remember if Sean Bean dies, but I’d lay odds on it. But, seriously, you have to ask if I’ve seen Equilibrium?


So have you? :)

Hey, you might have read about it. As I am now.



That’s a fair question! I’ll allow it!

I have seen Equilibrium and would easily include it in my list of top 50 Emily Watson movies.


Okay. I’m in. You rat! :)

Damn it!

Where is @RichVR 's gif?


Balance had returned to the thread!



Was this some sort of reference to @dave_perkins?