It's a great time to be a pc gamer :-)

I know some of you think I have no business posting here. Some of you like to tease me, others despise me - but despite that, deep down I like being on this forum because I’m a die-hard pc gamer. I was born of pc gaming with the Commodore Vic-20 and it’s stayed close to my heart ever since. Outside of console handhelds, I’ve stayed away from consoles entirely which can make things difficult when as some with consolitis try to trumpet the end of the pc gaming market.

However, I was just looking thorugh the recent reviews, and the upcoming lineup of pc games for October, and it really struck me what a great time it is to be a pc gamer. We have games being released that buck the trend of being hyped - then terrible, we even have 2 good adventure games… We have a plethora of good MMORGS to choose from reaching maturity, and surprises that gave us untold hours of relaxation and fun (Space Rangers 2)

This month is shaping up to be quite nice. The following games have received better than expected review scores (better than I expected to see):

  • Indigo Prophecy
  • Myst V
  • Dragonshard
  • Dawn of War Winter Assault
  • Fable Lost Chapters
  • X-Men Legends II

But even better, we still have the following games that should garner excellent reviews coming in the next several weeks:

  • Rome Total War: Barbarians
  • F.E.A.R.
  • Black & White 2
  • Serious Sam 2
  • Age of Empires III
  • Quake 4
  • X3 The Reunion
  • Civ IV
  • Call of Duty 2
  • City of Villains
  • Shattered Union (I can only hope it’s good) :wink:

I think all in all, I’m much more excited about this winter/fall line-up than I was last year. There appears to be more gameplay variety, plus on top we have games like Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and The Movies in November.

[size=6]I must say, it’s nice to be a pc gamer right now. :D [/size]

Who was the father? ;)

Who was the father? ;)[/quote]

Hehehe :lol:

I’d play the Serious Sam II demo before getting excited about it.

I’ve actually moved away from playing demos and relying more on multiple reviews and user feedback. There have been too many demos that frustrated the heck out of me… that kept me from purchasing a good game. If I were to have played a short “demo” of Space Rangers 2, I never would have bought it.

Movies are the same way. Those that have the best ads, often seem to be the worst. They can’t stretch those spectauclar clips into a “good” feature-length film.

Yeah, and reviews are neither fallible nor misleading!

That’s why it’s good to:

rely on multiple reviews and user feedback

I’m just saying, there’s no reason to avoid demos entirely just because they could be a poor representation of the game. If you’re going to form an opinion from a variety of sources, you might as well include demos.

What’s the point of this thread title, even? The consoles have tons of great stuff, too (some of which is also on PC, of course), so really the only logical statement is simply, “It’s a great time to be a gamer.” I’m excited about a lot of the listed stuff too (although Oblivion has to be the 360 version all the way, should one have a choice), now that I have a new PC to play it all on, but man, why’s it always gotta be a permutation of “PS2 RULEZ!!!” :roll:

I think you are being a bit hard on him. All he said is that he likes PC games and there are a lot coming out. He’s not dissing consoles, or saying that there aren’t also good console games coming out. But whether or not good console games are coming out is irrelevant to his point (that PC gaming is not, in his opinion, DOMED), so I’m not sure why he should be obligated to talk about console games.

I wholly disagree, kind sir.

As Ben so eloquently said, this thread isn’t about consoles. And it isn’t about dissing consoles. It’s just to celebrate the fact the pc has some innovative and intriguing games coming out this fall.

Even taking Age of Empires III, it’s not the same old rts fare so there’s a lot to look forward to. I’d stick with Oblivion on the pc if you have a good rig, since most of the mods will be for the pc, not the 360 (if you like add-ons)

Given how many Morrowind annoyances, missing features, and balance issues were fixed only through unofficial mods, I’m not considering anything except my PC for Oblivion.

Unfortunately, I feel that Oblivion is being made with the XBox360 in mind first, PC second.

There has never been a game that has translated elegantly between console and pc or vice versa. There is so much money being thrown behind Oblivion as a 360 “must have” title that I believe the PC version will suffer.

Think about the control conventions of Morrowind, and how much easier it played on a PC as opposed the Xbox. I really think that the developers are thinking of confining the interface to the 360 control layout (dumbing it down, if you will).

I think it will be an amazing game on both platforms. Unfortunately, I think the 360 version will be the superior platform to play it on.

Just look at Knights of the Old Republic. A game geared towards the Xbox that was merely servicable on the PC.

Eh, if Oblivion is as “serviceable” on the PC as KotOR I’ll be very happy indeed… I didn’t have a problem with KotOR.

I wholly disagree, kind sir.[/quote]

Bethesda doesn’t. :P

Widescreen or nothin’. I’ll probably pick up the PC version eventually so I can play the inevitable user mods, but first playthrough is 360 all the way.

Besides my litany of complaints about PC games lately, the fact that most of them seem to be RTS’s and FPS’s leads me to this conclusion: I don’t give a shit anymore.

Only exceptions would be Civ IV and Oblivion.

Just go back to your PS2, for Christ’s sake.

You betcha.

The only thing I can recall Pete Hines saying is that if you want to crank the options in Oblivion you’d better have a beefy PC, so I’m not sure where all the doom 'n gloom of the PC version is going to suffer is coming from.