It's a-me, Mario!

I’m fascinated by this dark and slightly creepy picture of Mario and Princess Peach:

Wish nintendo would cut loose and do something like this just once. It could even be kid friendly, just make it look interesting.

American McGee Presents . . .

That’s exactly what I was thinking.

Listen everybody…everything in the world does NOT have to be made scary and edgy ok? Just leave Mario alone.

Mario needs to go on a diet.

(from some SA thread)

Princess Peach is a whore.

Now all you need to do is write some fan fiction about it.

Yeah, I saw the original of that image (the first one posted) about a year ago, it was part of the “I am 8-bit” exhibition in LA in which various artists produced pieces inspired by classic games to be auctioned off for charity. Steve Purcell did a brilliant take on Sinistar but it was like $600 (come to think of it, the same amount I spent on my PS3… hmmm…)

Re-posting related, “alternative” Mario comics for those who missed them.

Links on right side of page lead to re-envisioned artwork.

The guy who made this is one of the concept artists for the Medal of Honor series, last I heard. Apparently he did the Mario thing in his spare time and was surprised that the people at EA had seen it. If you look at the production art for Airborne Assault, you can see the similarity in technique.

I really like it.

I’m not suggesting that my enjoyment of it trumps the “classic” Mario, or that a future Mario game should follow this style, but it’s well done.

It would make a cool desktop, are there high resolution versions of it available?

I agree, and I like it not because it’s dark or edgy, but simply because it offers a different perspective on the character (in more ways than one.)

I also don’t think it’s all that American Mcgee Edgy. Mario’s just taking a break with his girl as the sun sets, slumped over and weary from breaking shit with his head all day long, yet still on edge. A bit apocryphal in some ways (shouldn’t the princess be off in the clutches of Bowser somewhere?) but I don’t see any telltale signs of enforced edginess. It’s a cool picture.

The only bad thing is that it sort of reminds me of the movie. Other than that, its a pretty cool picture.

If what you just described is not the 100% honest to goodness real life exact definition of “edgy” then I don’t have a freaking clue what is.

You even used the word edge.

And there are just as many great games for it, too!


(that was awful)

Perhaps my understanding of the word is incorrect. I think of it as something that is deliberately designed to be provocative or boundary pushing, largely synonymous with the colloquial usage of “extreme.” I don’t think this picture qualifies as such, rather I see it as simply an alternate interpretation of the character as I stated above, but I’ll concede that whether it is edgy or not is open to interpretation. Maybe I’m just hesitant to call it “edgy” due to the negative connotations the word carries and the fact that I like it.

Also, being “on edge” is not the same thing as “edgy” in this context. Certainly one can conceive of some piece of art that portrays a character who is on edge, but is not edgy.

It’s from the I am 8-bit show in LA a while back. The book is pretty neat.

By Jose Emroca Flores. I have a much cleaner copy of the above image, but I can’t figure out where I got it from.

I think I remember him posting the image in the 2D finshed work forum on CGTalk, back when he first made it.