IT'S ALIVE! (or... Aszurom discusses his website)

Ok, so after about 2 years of fiddling around with different concepts of what I wanted to do and how to present it - I’ve finally got a workable website up.

Well, at least the bare bones of it are there. The core of it is based on the code from, but there are some heavy modifications in progress - some of which isn’t readily apparent but I’m tracking and killing bugs in their code and then adding some of my own stuff.

So, I’m not really here to “pimp” the site quite yet. I’m actually interested in having you folks take a look around, make note of anything odd or broken, and let me know any ideas you’ve got for improvement.

I figured it best to catch bugs and oddities early, rather than waiting until I was fully commited to anything specific…

Here ya go:

(PS - if you register an account, you see a LOT more of the site.)

I really like the layout. It’s slick. Looks nice, and I like the way everything flows.

And I really like the idea of being able to filter out anonymous posts. An intriguing idea…Most days, I probably won’t, but if my patience is running low some day, I might.

Yeah, I like the layout too

And just wait until the trolls discover how to use the Anon posting. :roll:

Cool. Seems as though you have a lot of work ahead of you. Good Luck!!

I suggest more stories about DOA Extreme Volleyball as 50% just won’t cut it in this market (BTW I couldn’t read the comments on the posting, the url just linked to the story)

I know the psychic was hazy on the gameplay but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that rather than being mere puerile fluff, a volleyball game with fighting mechanics could be quite addicting. Sometimes the more artificially a game approaches a sport’s gameplay, the more fun it is(I dunno, I’m the kind of person who gets hooked on golf and tennis games while thinking that I hate those sports in real life and that swinging a golf club with a mouse is pretty ludicrous, but I’m still playing them…) Plus the designers thought up a gameplay rationale for why you buy the girls new bikinis. That shows planning.

I’m sure Team Ninja has played AM2’s Beach Spikers in the arcade and has all the inspiration and play mechanics they need to make DOA Xtreme Volleyball. Suzuki-san is probably a bit sick of watching his games ripped off by the Tecmo folks.


Well, currently the “moderate” function in the comments is broken. If you’re logged in as an admin (me) you can moderate just fine. As a regular registered user, however, it attempts to DOWNLOAD the url target.

I’m digging for the answer to that one right now… pretty frustrating.