It's Always Sunny In Philidelphia Season 5

Bird law.

I laughed the most when Charlie went to duel the lawyer. In fact, the lawyer was solid awesome every scene he was in.

Brian Unger, right? Former Daily Show correspondent.

Solid, funny stuff. Loved the battering ram bit.

It’s not governed by reason.

I’d wear that on a T-shirt.

Also, hummingbirds are a legal tender.

Crap, this looks like it escaped my DVR. Hopefully they’ll re-run it sometime this week.

Sold! Not sure if the wife is going to keep up with new episodes with me, but now I have to watch this tonight anyway while she’s at work.

Still waiting for eagerly for Kitten Mittens!

It’s on a 8 day delay on Hulu if you can hold out until the 25th.

These guys just keep getting better and better.

-I eat stickers all the time.

-Exactly what role do you see for yourself in our group?

-You’re not going to sing to me, are you?
-I might.

Yeah, The Office can have me chuckling quietly all night, but Always Sunny seems to consistently make me laugh out loud.

Okay, there’s only like five of us here, but whatever. Let’s talk about the product placement: I thought it was absolutely hilarious how highly Mac and Dennis thought of Dave & Busters, especially Mac’s total lack of knowledge of how the power card works. Also, Dee trying to sell them on Coors based on how blue the mountains were? Hysterical.

Then I saw actual commercials for Coors and D&Bs, and got a little offended. Was the direct product placement not enough? I probably wouldn’t have noticed I was being advertised to if they didn’t put the Brought To You By messages in. Lame!

Also, needed more Charlie as a crab man. And hey, we finally know who the Night Man is!

Really, you wouldn’t have noticed? Because in my opinion, the heavy handed product placement was at least 40% of the joke.

A large part of the joke being on Dave and Buster’s, of course. The whole time, I was thinking “Really? You want your brand associated with these guys? Are you aware of what this show is like?”

Arrested Development did some pretty funny stuff integrating blatant product placement into the jokes.

I would’ve noticed, but it would’ve been that whole This Is So Heavy Handed As To Almost Be Ironic Except I Can’t Imagine They’d Do This Without Being Paid. I just didn’t need another Dave & Busters commercial after the line, “Where else are you going to get a steak in an arcade setting?”

Mac trying the cards in TGIFridays is beyond awesome.

“You gonna put everything I say under a microscope, bud?”

Nobody likes salting the snail. But she leaves you no choice.


Intervention! Intervention! Intervention!

They’re really firing on all cylinders this season.

“When was the last time we played Nightcrawlers?”

Oh, and I almost forgot: they lure Frank to the bar telling him there’s a fire, and he comes in waving his gun. Just fantastic all around.

I’m drinking a can of wine right now.

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