It's Always Sunny In Philidelphia Season 5

Stupid DVR missed all the new episiodes and recorded reruns. Arghhhh.

Such a fantastic show. I’m always terrified they’re gonna run out of steam, but it just keeps going and going.

It’s conducive to your violent hand gestures when you speak.

I felt really really sorry for that poor intervention expert.

We’re not saying he doesn’t have good ideas, that’s not what this is about.

I was watching the Iowa game this weekend and the crowd was lousy with Yellow Men (Iowa’s colors are black and yellow).

It didn’t register until the third or fourth time I saw them. Hilarious.

Yeah, there’s been a Green Man at the Duck games for a while now.


I could really go for a milk steak right about now, boiled over hard, with a side of jellybeans. Raw, of course.


So I’m seeing these all a week late on Hulu -

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard at an episode as I did for the “Intervention” show.

Devito killed. That role could have gone very badly but he was so god damn good. I love how when he’s telling the gang about his plan to bang Donna and he keeps listing until he’s all leaned over “…I’m gonna get real weird with it too. In the mean time I’m going to spark this bone…”

The snail was perfect too. They have a knack for finding actors that play creeps so believably creepy that they freak out even the gang (who are some flavor of sociopath themselves).

“We just drank Monster energy drinks all night long and dry humped. It was terrible.”

I fell asleep before watching last nights, and now my Friday is all screwed up. Oh well, I can always go back to thinking about INTERVENTION! INTERVENTION!!!

If I can briefly put my monocle on (for just one second, I swear!):
I’ve been thinking about this a little recently, and the extent to which the basic structure of ancient and modern comedies are historically concerned with societal eligibility (initially royal blood for marriage, but also interpreted more broadly). While the open-ended nature of sit-coms precludes closed story-lines in the same way, a large part of interpersonal (esp. romantic) relationships still involves proof of eligibility.

The interesting thing with Sunny is that it subverts that trope by simply making the main gang be utterly devoid of value, thus destroying the conceit (from the point of view of the audience) that anybody would want to prove their eligibility to them, or that anybody would be capable of failing to meet whatever abysmal standard they’ve established. But then it further subverts that by consistently finding people of even lower status than the gang themselves. The fact that the gang is incapable of acknowledging their fundamental bankruptcy in terms of social value is yet another interesting wrinkle.

Um, I mean, yeah, Hornets!

“I’m just going to write an H on this box, so we remember that its full of hornets.”

Listen, before we get into that; can you help us pop a quick intervention on Charlie here for his illiteracy?

Smokin’ hornets = genius.

I love this show. Even the theme music makes me smile.

The rerun after the new episode still holds up.

“Am I peeing?”

I think I may have missed a season, perhaps number 3. When did Frank’s wife die?

Oh, one other really funny thing about Sunny: they seem to use a lot of “generic music cue” for their establishing shots, stuff that I assume you can get on the audio equivalent of clip art. So, every once in a while, I’ll hear one of those generic “cheerful music #7” music stings in another show (recently, when my wife was watching Top Model), which then makes that other show hilarious for no good reason.

Their behavior becomes funnier when there is a sane observer.
They frequently talk in front of, and oblivious to, professionals. Lawyers, cops, business men, intervention specialists…

The “power bottom” talk for example while funny, is funnier because it is presumably going on in front of a gay businessman who they are hoping to impress.

Season 3.

You tell that bitch she’s not making sense!

“Don’t put steak, put milk steak. She’ll know what it is.”


The funniest single word in the whole episode.

Agreed. Great episode, I completely lost it when he said magnets. Yay for the pause button on tivo.