It's been a decade, StarCraft II. Time to rest.

Title It's been a decade, StarCraft II. Time to rest.
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When October 16, 2020

Blizzard has announced that the studio is winding down StarCraft II's active development. The game will continue to get technical support and will cycle through events, but new content updates and DLC creation will cease..

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StarCraft was one of those classics for me, I played that game religiously when it came out. StarCraft II was a total fumble, though. Really disliked that game, which surprised me.

The thing that made it hard for me to get into the game were how different the campaign and skirmish units were. As a solo player it was frustrating being in one mode and seeing options and units available I could never find in the other. I know Starcraft 1 fans and pros have a whole slew of other issues with the sequel(s), but as a casual player I just felt overwhelmed trying to keep the different modes apart, and I’m not talking about the different factions, but the units and stats available to each faction in campaign vs skirmish.

Coupled with the fact I just don’t play fast enough to keep up I am annoyed that the game just isn’t for me, because I wish it were.

So they were still creating content and DLC for the game? I thought they had the three releases for the 3 games, and that was it? I hadn’t heard about further content and DLC for the game. What exactly have they been releasing since the third part of the single player campaign came out? New campaigns?

Except for some solo/co-op story mission about the Zero Suit Samus-inspired sniper chick I have no idea.

Mostly a lot of competitive scene nonsense like unit skins, voice packs, and emotes but they did periodically drop content stuff like new official maps for skirmish/MP and the “arcade” mode.

The co-op Commander releases were still going till fairly recently, as well, I believe. Those were cool as hell.

This was at the root of my dislike for the game. I felt like with Starcraft, Blizzard created a really interesting and fun RTS that ended up blowing up as an esport. With Starcraft II, I felt like Blizzard set out to create an esport title. Things like APM were stuff that came out as the pros tried to get any sort of competitive edge but with the sequel they became part of the design. I think my issues with the game all stem from that sort of thing.

I played all the official campaigns and enjoyed them for what they were - a convoluted pulpy space opera with an unhealthy amount of cheese. The MP scene was never for me, and they took so long to get SP custom maps going that I just skipped all that and never went back.

Honestly I consider AoE2 DE the new king of RTS games, which is saying something about the whole genre.

I was always hoping Warlords Battlecry 2 would herald the future of the genre, but sadly that didn’t turn out to be the case.

Then I was hoping Supreme Commander would herald the future of the genre, but sadly that didn’t turn out to be the case either.

Still, I loved the original AoE, and found AoE2 too complex at the time it came out. I should give it another shot with the Definitive Edition.

Yes, for me it was either this or Seven Kingdoms 2. Sigh.

I’d go for a new War Wind. One of the few RTS games that I actually enjoyed.

This reminds me, I never picked up the Nova Covert Ops missions for Starcraft 2. Is that worth playing, if I’m mainly into Starcraft 2 for the missions?

Yup. If you like that high cheese goofy story stuff (I do) then they’re pretty good. Do note that they’re more like the old RPG missions where you solo around a linear map.

Too bad they never made Ultrawide an option. Killed the game for me.

Yeah, it felt like StarCraft 2 has found an interesting way to reinvent itself. You buy characters for a fun coop PvE mode.

They even managed to add some events I’ve played.

But anyway SC2 is much more attractive to a single player casual player. SC2 has cinematic campaigns and casual coop modes. AoE2DE additions are teaching you to reach age 2 on timer and to microcontrol luring boar. And people say campaigns are meh compared to standard game. So far they lured me into SP Standard Game with events and AI looks fine but not sure it’s a long-living tactics. Rise of Nations at least has replayable campaigns that are mostly standard maps with context.

StarCraft was one of those RTSs I played for a hot second and found immediately regressive. Selection limits. Micro-chores. Small maps. Low resolution. I’m out! The evolution from WarCraft: Orcs & Humans felt too miniscule.

Went back to Total Annihilation in a heartbeat and played on them Boneyards for a long while.

Preferred Brood Wars infinitely more.