It's crackdown day

demo is up on Xbox Live - 1.24 GB.

this game, not Gears is one of the games I was most anticipating when I got my 360

how awesome is it?

so awesome.


bleh, that was just so unnecessary…


Demo was downloading quickly at first but now it’s slowed. I’ll still get some good playtime in before work though.

All hail the one true Crackdown thread! Also, it was first.

So, the game rocks. Very pretty, great physics, great explosions, good firefights with meaty weapon sounds and those neat bullet tracers, good driving. Best aiming system ever.

In the options I note that you can allow anyone to hop into your game (full game only; no drop-in drop-out co-op in the demo) or only people from your friends list. You can also flag which skill you need help with, so someone with a high level in that skill can join and lend a hand.

I’m at work so the it’s downloading.

but, did I hear you right? Singleplayer Co-op? Is it just a buddy or can there be more?

Also, from some reading my first impression was that it was a gta type game, this true?

edit: Singleplayer co-op as in full game co-op, not some Saints Row co-op bullshit.

2 player co-op over live (not on the same console) throughout the whole game world.

I guess today’s the day that I move my router to the room my Xbox is in.

Seems like it.

My wallet is taking a hit this month… Bought Samurai Warriors 2, Rainbow Six Vegas, Lost PLanet, and now Pre-ordering this.

That, and Live just auto-renewed itself. Blegh. Soy poor.

Don’t forget Guitar Hero 2 360 for $89.99. :argh:

or only people from your friends list


What is the justification for the extra $10 on Guitar Hero II? I thought the guitar wasn’t even going to be wireless.

Its next gen!!!

The demo was OK but not anything spectacular. It’s a cel-shaded GTA and like most cel-shaded games it looks worse for it. I didn’t really catch anything unique about it.

It isn’t completely different from every game before it! Grade: F-minus-minus!!!

Seriously, I never understand this attitude. I mean, novelty is nice and all, but it’s not everything by a country mile. I’d be excited for any game concept that is “like GTA” but with a different theme (i.e. not about playing a street criminal). It’s a grossly underused game concept.

I’m assuming you only looked at it and didn’t play it.
It combines free aiming (saints row) and lock on (GTA), for the best shooting I’ve ever seen in an open world game. you cna lock on, then target individual body parts for neecaps and headshots, or just aim yourself. as your shooting skill goes up, the lock on works faster and is more effective.

same goes for agility, strength, driving.

theres a bunch of orbs hidden around the city that you cna climb to or otherwise access to help power up, or just raise stats by killing criminals, which gives a nice power up explosion.

the controls are pretty good, although driving is very loose until you build your skill level up in it. You can aim your jumps pretty well, although I did occasionally miss ledges I thought I should’ve grabbed.

loved it.

the demo is limited, once you power up any one skill to two stars, it triggers a half hour time limit, my first play was over an hour, my second play i upped my agility to two stars in about 15 minutes or less.

Did you level up enough to chuck cars around or jump over buildings, jeffd? That’s what I’m excited about – the Incredible Hulk / Spiderman angle.

I was able to level up my strength enough basically to throw things further, but still not cars or anything. My agility increased enough that I could easily make jumps that previously required three steps in between, in one jump.

there are rooftop races around the city that boost your agility, beyond just finding the agility orbs.

eh? gears on the fly co-op has that option too. (I always start my SP games as co-op, friend joinable, just in case anyone wants to hop in. Noone does, but still, they could in theory.)