It's February 12, why can't I sign up for the Old Spice challenge on

One of the things you’ll immediately get from a non-gamer when they learn about the 360’s gamerscore is “what do you get from it”? Until now, all you get is a reciept for being a nerd, but MS is trying to get something going here.

They’ve promoted the challenge at and said wait until Feb 12 to lear more. Well, it’s 2/12 at 11:50 am central time, and still no info. They’ve got 12 hours before they look like they shot their mouths off too early.

Contra is rated E10+? Man, that’s the only NES game I had access to as a kid that I wasn’t allowed to play because it was too violent.

Patience, Grasshopper. The knowledge you seek shall soon be bestowed.

I’m a gamer, my patience is measured in seconds.

EDIT: 6 hours left until midnight on the east coast.

WEll, its 6 oclock eastern time… and whenever I click the link, it doesn’t give me much more than what I’ve already known.

You can’t sign up because with their guarantee they’d lose millions to your unstoppable epic purple B.O.

Signups start at around 4pm Pacific time, according to Gamerscoreblogthingie.

East Coast Time? is created in the land of the future.

The trigger is being pulled in the office across the hall right now. Only minutes to go.

It’s alive!

No sir, doesn’t seem quite there yet. Sign in button seems to hang.

I think it’s live but getting absolutely hammered. Just a guess though.

“Chipper” t-shirt?

Shouldn’t that be “Clipper”? Of course the picture of the t-shirt shows just a plain shirt, but I assume it’ll have the Old Spice logo on it, which is a Clipper Ship.

They probably ought to dock the pay of whoever edited that.

Wooo! It’s live! I’m a sucker for crap like this!

edit: crap, can’t log in.

edit2: ah, it won’t let you log in if you’re already logged in on Once I logged out there, it worked.

Is this only for Americans like the video downloads, or do Canadians get to participate too?

If I could pull up the terms & conditions, I’d tell you. The site is acting screwy.

EDIT: Nope, limited to residents of the 50 states & DC. Even PR & Guam are SOL.

Those new Old Spice commercials make me feel like a dirty sex crazed pervert for using the stuff. Which I am, as a 21 year old male, but I don’t like it being advertised where my prey can see it.

The site still hangs when I try to log in. Denny – any idea when these issues will be resolved?

They’re working on it. We don’t host that site, so I don’t know the precise status, but I was able to find out that the guys actually doing the registration site know there’s an issue and they’re on it.

Try back in 48 hours, apparently.

Well, crap. I thought I’d signed up, but now it’s not showing I’m registered.

I wonder what will become of the ~100 points I earned yesterday & today.