It's Football Manager; for SPIES!

First off I am borrowing/out right stealing this information from Owen’s article on pocket tactics. But, boy if this comes out right I am excited. Spy games return!

“You’ll be managing your spy network that’s operating in occupied Europe,” Rocha says. “You establish spy bases in different cities and develop them, and you recruit spies and can launch missions from your bases. But the more connections you make between your bases and your headquarters, the more the Gestapo will be able to trace back when they compromise one of your agents or bases.The goal isn’t to have bases, exactly — they’re a means to an end. You use them to infiltrate factories and prison camps and research facilities and Gestapo headquarters. It’s a bit of a territory conquest game, but you’re not fighting the Axis openly. You’re trying to outsmart the Nazis.”

PlayRaven are keen for the agents to be at the very center of your experience, like your players are in Football Manager, or your squaddies in XCOM. Because the Gestapo will follow clues to connect your agents to one another, you’ll be able to cut connections and close down operations or burn your own spies to save agents higher up in your network. And PlayRaven want those decisions to hurt.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. I feel about a new espionage game right now the way Brian feels about another space sim. This is the first attempt I’ve seen recently to take espionage at least semi seriously. Read Owen’s article for the rest. It sounds like he’s as excited as I am and yes Covert Action comes up.

Tom M

I would love a decent strategy spy game. It will be interesting to see if they manage to capture the essence of all the games they mention in the write up.

Apropos of this, “CIA to Focus More on Spying…

That sounds awesome! This is the kind of games I’ve always wanted, instead of the same type of games redone over and over! Nice find, thanks!

Sounds incredible, will have to keep an eye on this.


I love Covert Action. If this is good I may be forced to buy an iPad. Forced I tell you!

What does this mean, about a year? Note to self, obtain Ipad in 2014.

Ipad mini retina should be out by then.