It's hard to see the Xbox Adaptive Controller through all these tears


The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a product intended for a limited audience. At $99 a unit, it’s not cheap, but according to the creators, it isn’t meant to make money for Microsoft. Presumably, the return on investment comes from widening their gaming audience and therefore gaining additional Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, Game Pass memberships, and any other purchases for their Xbox ecosystem. Still, the idea is commendable, and we hope the company continues experimenting with niche products that bring more folks into gaming.

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I wrote a small series on The Tech Report about building a custom controller for my daughter if anyone wants to check it out.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

I have nothing but good things to say about what Microsoft is doing with this project.



$99 is actually really cheap, compared to previous devices you had to get for the same functionality that could cost upwards of $300 due to basically being made-to-order by small outfits. Combined with the R&D costs, and the comparative market for it relative to standard controllers, and $99 is a pretty good price.

Just having an “official” standard hub supported by one of the major consoles, that peripheral makers can tailor their products towards, is going to make such a fantastic difference for the people who rely on them.


That is freaking cool as heck!

It’s so cool to see the stuff people hack together for their loved ones.


That’s awesome - be sure and let us know of any updates!


Thanks. :) I’ll try to remember to post something here if I come up with anything further worth sharing. I can report that the controller works, but my daughter is too focused on spinning the rollers to bother with watching the ceiling and putting together any kind of cause and effect logic. That was always the biggest question about the project. For now, I’m back to the drawing board, but it’s so cool that I have a board to draw on at all.


Good post - that is a great commercial.


That is very cool. This video gives an idea of how it works and the options it provides:

More info here:


Here’s the extended version of the first trailer. They’re going to play this commercial during the Super Bowl.


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