It's Not About Oil! It's About WMD. Or Cocaine. Or Oil

U.S. Steps Into Colombian Rebel Lair.

Just when you thought the Persian Gulf was the only oil war in town.

Ah, good ol’ Plan Colombia. This one’s a classic.

The best part is the gunboats staffed with Navy SEALs who motor up and down the Putumayo River on the Peruvian border, with orders to kill rebels trying to cross the river out of Colombia. Orders like that get missionary families shot out of the sky in their light aircraft – very bad karma.

Life can just be funny in bitter, twisted and surreal ways sometimes. A shuttle with the first Israeli astronaut ever is seen disintegrating over The President’s own home state over a town called Palestine.

The name of the shuttle is Columbia.

Speaking of the other Columbia - we’re finally dropping all pretenses and sending in advisors to openly protect the oil companies.

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Columbia and Vietnam: parallels?

Uh Special Forces goes on missions like this all the time - training some of our less technically proficient allies in the higher forms of warfare.

Not all that unusual - it could degrade fast though obviously. Also trust me, if there’s anybody that wants to avoid a second vietnam it’s the institutional memory of the Army and Marines.