It's not even safe to eat dog/cat food now either?


Rat poison was found in pet food blamed for the deaths of at least 16 cats and dogs, but scientists said Friday they still don’t know how it got there and predicted more animal deaths would be linked to it.


Sheesh what the heck is going on with our food supply? Now our pets aren’t even safe? How hard can it be to make dog food that doesn’t kill?

Has anyone ever eaten wet dog or cat food? How is it?

I get all my cats’ wet food at Trader Joes. Only good source of multiple varieties of wet food, NONE of which has the dreaded word “By-Products” on the back. Seriously, I see that word and I fucking RUN FOR THE HILLS. I would like to destroy all those who put “By-Products” in ANYTHING you can buy.

(And no I don’t fucking want to hear what industrialized livestock are fed, I KNOW IT’S HORRIBLE BEYOND IMAGINING.)

What kind of wierdo feeds their cat/dog that wet stuff out of a can anyway?

How the hell can I get a cat/dog or dog/cat? That would be the shit!

Wet food does seem… unnecessary.

We stick with dry food under a reputable brand (Science Diet) for our pets. It’s much easier to handle, too. Wet pet food grosses me out, man. Special occasions only.

Although the concept “you are what you eat” is a little scary for a pet, since they eat the same thing, every day, three times a day. We do mix up three types of Science Diet to produce a medley-- a menudo, if you will-- but, still.

I actually had to start feeding wet food to one of my cats to help cure his anorexia problem. He lost about half his body weight after one of my other cats died, and it seemed almost impossible to get him to gain any weight. Right before I moved East, I spent a week with my parents, and he started scarfing down their cat’s wet food like it was going out of style. Now, I feed him half a can a day, and he’s fine. (he also has dry food out all the time, which he still picks at)

To them, it just plain tastes better I think. Even the reputable dry foods have a lot of filler stuff in them that’s not really something they eat naturally. Wet food is really best to be used sparingly though, as it isn’t so good for their teeth.

By the way, wumpus Science Diet Feline Savory Cuts Cans is one of the bad ones listed, so I think you can put a strike against them as being a “reputable” brand.

It amuses me that Price Chopper and Save-a-lot brand catfoods are actually the exact same thing as Sophisticat and White Rose.

I mostly feed them dry food. I got one of those feeding stations with the cannister so I only have to fill it once a week or so, because the two of them were emptying the bowl every night. I give them canned food occasionally, but only the vet stuff and the 100% tuna. Which contains mercury, but presumably they won’t live long enough to get alzheimers.

Psssh…it’s only killing the weak pets anyway.

I feed my cat Royal Canin, dry food only.

Am I a bad pet owner?

No. I only use dry food too. Wet food makes them fat in a lot of cases.

I heard it causes kidney failure too.

I only feed my dog stray neighborhood cats and small children. If they look sickly they get tossed back. Only the best for my beast!

We use Science Diet dry food, started with the Canine Growth when he was a puppy, that was a mistake as he’s now a giant 100+lb monster dog. Now that he’s an old man (turns 10 this summer) he gets the Senior stuff, still Science Diet though, as he loves it. Every once in a while we get a free can of the “corned-beef hash” looking stuff from Science Diet free with purchase of his giant bag of dry. He gets those on special occasions, but doesn’t seem to care one way or the other.

His big weakness is Pop-Tarts. He’ll steal them right off the table from under the kid’s noses if they aren’t careful. They call him “Table Shark” now because he circles the table waiting to strike…

We feed our dogs dry food, too. The only food we have found that our older dog loves and won’t give him diarrhea is this fancy Innova Evo. They make all kinds of claims about it being raw, and not having grain. Whatever, it means I don’t have to clean the carpet.

Speaking of beef by-product, the favorite treat of the dogs is a Bully Stick, which is a dried section of bull penis. The one ingredient listed on the package is “Beef By-Product,” so keep that in mind next time you see a meat by-product as an ingredient: It’s code name for animal cocks.

We give our cats a forkful of wet food each morning, and then a bowl of dry. The wet is basically their treat and MAN do they love it. The dry is what they mainly eat, though.

Pizza Hut Meat Lovers Pizza, now with Beef By-Product!

Rat poison was found in pet food blamed for the deaths of at least 16 cats and dogs, but scientists said Friday they still don’t know how it got there and predicted more animal deaths would be linked to it.